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As a teacher at the start of this school year, you likely feel anxious and out of your comfort zone. Maybe way out of your comfort zone! Most, if not all, classrooms are different right now due to COVID-19, whether it’s distance learning, hybrid learning, or social distancing in the classroom. You’ve already had to… Read More

Did you know that keyboards are one of the dirtiest accessories in your environment? According to a quick experiment conducted in 2008, it’s dirtier than the average toilet seat! And if you think toilet seats are gross, you wouldn’t want to know how many germs your keyboard holds. (Clue: it’s more than 7,000 microorganisms) So,… Read More

A well-rounded education is an important aspect of childhood development, as kids reap specific skill sets and knowledge from each portion of their learning. However, a growing perception of arts education as less important that academic curriculum is setting up an unfortunate precedent — one that stands to negatively impact this and future generations of… Read More

Our personalities can come out in many ways, and we tend to broadcast those personalities pretty loudly though the way in which we set up our spaces. From the colors we choose to the layout of the room, a classroom setup can be just as revealing about someone’s personality as the way in which they… Read More

Most teachers look forward to the ritual of setting up their classroom for back to school. Stapling up construction paper on bulletin boards, hanging up posters, organizing books and bins of supplies, and getting things ready for students is something of a ritual. But this year, many classrooms sadly sit empty, and many teachers are… Read More

Fill in the blank: The culture of my class is _____________________________.  What came to mind? Was it easy to define, or did you struggle to describe it? The beginning of the new year is all about starting fresh and setting norms, guidelines, and defining your classroom culture with students. But what does that look like… Read More

If there’s ever been a time when school-to-home communication needs to be strong, it’s now. With many schools moving to distance learning, parents are the key in supporting students with successful at-home learning. And we know that strong parent engagement drives improved student outcomes and performance (WestEd, Parent Involvement Project). But nowadays, family engagement looks… Read More

Empowering your students to take the lead and develop strong leadership skills is one of the best gifts you can give them. It sets them up for success in the future, even if they’re not aware of it now. However, cultivating leadership practices within your classroom can be a challenging task unless you know how… Read More

What are your “go-to” tech tools that you can’t live without? The ones that make teaching more efficient, effective, and engaging for students? Check out this list of five need-to-know tech tools. These tools can be used in face-to-face or distance learning, spanning most grade levels 3-12. All of the tools have fairly robust free… Read More

Tech Try It! With Zoom

By The Editorial Team

Are you a Zoombie? This fall, many classrooms are going 100% distance learning. Rather than preparing classroom space and walls to welcome students, teachers have been preparing their distance learning plans. Zoom has been adopted by many schools for distance learning. It’s because it’s easy to use, reliable, can be used on laptops, tablets, or… Read More

You have the capability to change your life all with a simple shift in perspective – Demi Lovato Have you ever met someone that just seems to always look at life through the lens of being half full rather than half empty? Does that individual, although not oblivious to hardship or challenges, still seem to… Read More

We know that teachers’ spirits remained unbroken as they persevered through the end of this unprecedented school year. In conjunction with the Zamperini Foundation — you may remember Louis Zamperini, hero of the popular book, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand — we are celebrating ALL that you have accomplished and are aiming to do this fall… Read More

The education industry has evolved a lot during the lockdown. People are more focused on learning new things and switching to a digital platform for gaining new skills due to the risk of close contact with people. And education is not an exception. E-learning is quite in-demand these days, and so are instructional designers. Those… Read More

Editor’s note: We teamed up with our friends at VIVAYA, a one-of-a-kind live-streaming yoga and wellness platform, to bring new tips to help you meet the demands of the upcoming school year. Try these techniques out for yourself and share with your fellow teachers and students! And don’t forget to check out VIVAYA for yourself… Read More

Education is an essential component of childhood development. Being a teacher, you’re an integral part of a child’s growth. If you are teaching a dyslexic child, you are even more crucial. It can be challenging, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity—for you and the student. The learning process for a dyslexic child is different. Their… Read More