Teacher facing several students who are eager to learn in the classroom

How teachers can help identify domestic violence

By Noah Rue April 8, 2021

Domestic violence, unfortunately, doesn’t restrict itself to adults. Sixty-five percent of adults who abuse their partner also physically and/or sexually abuse their children. It’s heart-wrenching to read statistics like these and realize the trauma children endure when experiencing domestic violence. Children of all ages experience physical, sexual, and emotional abuse in their homes and communities…. Read More

Mindfulness Printables for Virtual Learning Success

By The Editorial Team December 4, 2020

Although the recent news surrounding Coronavirus vaccines is promising, many cities are continuing to prioritize the safety of students and educators by keeping classes remote. Adapting to this completely different style of learning is difficult for everyone involved, including parents and caregivers.  Practicing mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress and increase focus, something we… Read More

Setting Goals for The School Year During COVID

By Kelly Mendoza September 16, 2020

As a teacher at the start of this school year, you likely feel anxious and out of your comfort zone. Maybe way out of your comfort zone! Most, if not all, classrooms are different right now due to COVID-19, whether it’s distance learning, hybrid learning, or social distancing in the classroom. You’ve already had to… Read More

It’s all about perspective

By Brisa Ayub August 14, 2020

You have the capability to change your life all with a simple shift in perspective – Demi Lovato Have you ever met someone that just seems to always look at life through the lens of being half full rather than half empty? Does that individual, although not oblivious to hardship or challenges, still seem to… Read More

Editor’s note: We teamed up with our friends at VIVAYA, a one-of-a-kind live-streaming yoga and wellness platform, to bring new tips to help you meet the demands of the upcoming school year. Try these techniques out for yourself and share with your fellow teachers and students! And don’t forget to check out VIVAYA for yourself… Read More

Why Do You Teach? Six-Word Challenge

By Darri Stephens July 30, 2020

As a former teacher, my New Year didn’t start on January 1st. Rather, it would begin at the start of the school year come August or September. And even though I’m not in the classroom anymore, I still find myself buying a new pack of pencils or scented markers each fall to mark the occasion. … Read More

Giving Permission for YOU Time

By Kelly Mendoza July 23, 2020

Taking care of yourself is a valid goal on its own, and it helps you support the people you love. – National Alliance on Mental Illness As an educator, your profession involves teaching children or teens, supporting your school and parent community, and basically giving it your all! Sometimes embodying your role as an educator… Read More

The Art of Downtime

By Brisa Ayub

Going through life too fast The amount of information that is at our disposal through modern technology is more than we could have ever imagined even 10 years ago. There is so much stimulation that our brains have yet to evolve in an effective way to handle it all. And with COVID-19, our world has… Read More

Download These Journaling Templates

By Darri Stephens July 22, 2020

Sometimes, the hardest part of reflecting is taking the time to do so. Habits can take up to three months to form, so to help with the pursuit of goal setting and journaling, we wanted to share some templates that you can use. In this downloadable packet are four different formats — find the one… Read More

As educators, you are often creating new experiences for your students and trying to encourage them to try something new. But when was the last time YOU tried something new? Why not try and step outside of your comfort level and see where it takes you?  Look, there are a lot of reasons why you… Read More

Educators – An Unbroken Spirit

By Brisa Ayub July 15, 2020

In a time of crisis, amazing things can happen. You don’t have to look far back into history to see how individuals can respond with innovation and resilience instead of subsiding to what could have been a perilous ending.  During World War II, the world saw innovations that changed the world as we knew it… Read More

Reflecting by Journaling

By Kelly Mendoza July 8, 2020

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart – William Wordsworth We’ve all had a lot happen in the past several months. Emphasis: A LOT. Think about the changes we’ve all endured in such a short amount of time. Have you been able to process it all? Now that it’s summer and you have… Read More

The Small Things are Worth Celebrating

By Brisa Ayub July 6, 2020

Charles W. Chestnutt, the late eighteen century author and political activist wrote, “We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things.” It is easy to do it — underestimate something due to its size. We set these big goals or expectations for ourselves and for others, and when they aren’t met or when things come short… Read More

How to Plan a Perfect Staycation at Home

By Nicole Garrison June 30, 2020

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many teachers have been forced into something most of them never practiced before – remote work. It took a while for educators around the world to figure out, how to make distance learning work for their students, and they had to put all their effort into it. They were… Read More

How To Stop Bullying (Yourself)

By Ashley Previte February 12, 2020

We voraciously work to stomp out bullying at school. We do not accept harsh words, criticism, or taunting in our classrooms. We have a zero-tolerance policy for cruelty and harmful behavior. But guys, the truth is, we allow all of it into our own internal dialogue. That’s right. The negative self-talk, the self-criticism…we’re bullying ourselves…. Read More