Your Guide to Teaching Degrees and Certificates

If you already hold a Bachelor’s degree and you’re seeking first-time certification, or you’re already a teacher but want to upgrade your skills while gaining a recognized credential, a Master’s degree might be your next education journey.

If education leadership is in your horizon, and you’ve already earned a Master’s degree, a doctoral degree will help you reach your administrative career goals. Learn what’s necessary for earning an EdD degree.

If education research or collegiate professorship is on your wish list, and you’ve already earned a Master’s degree, a PhD degree will help you reach your higher education teaching goals. Learn what’s necessary for earning a PhD degree.

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Looking for a focused, advanced education degree which doesn’t require a written dissertation? Learn more about an education specialist degree and what it can do for you.

Need quick professional development on a topic? A graduate-level certificate would make a great professional addition to the list of education achievements you’ve achieved by now. Here’s a list of popular teaching certificates that will keep your skills modernized.

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming a credentialed teacher? Or need teaching skills with an undergraduate education? A Bachelor’s degree in education might match your goals.

Looking to fast-track your education career with a two-year degree? An Associate’s degree might be what you’re looking to earn. It’s a starting point for undergraduate students plus your credits might transfer to upper-level courses for higher degrees.

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