Teaching Careers and Professional Development

Man comforting a crying boy

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines trauma as a widespread health problem that “occurs as a result of violence, traumatic experiences abuse, neglect, loss, disaster, war and other emotionally harmful experiences.” Traumatic circumstances can occur singly as an acute event or occur repeatedly as with situations of neglect and abuse. According… Read More

The education industry has evolved a lot during the lockdown. People are more focused on learning new things and switching to a digital platform for gaining new skills due to the risk of close contact with people. And education is not an exception. E-learning is quite in-demand these days, and so are instructional designers. Those… Read More

How to Become An English Teacher Abroad (Online)

By The Editorial Team May 27, 2020

Teaching English overseas can be a rewarding experience, both personally and financially. However, not everyone has the means or desire to travel. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s now possible to teach English abroad without ever leaving home. Online English schools pair students in foreign countries with educators around the world who teach via video… Read More

Magnet School Teacher: Job Outlook, Education, and Salary

By The Editorial Team May 26, 2020

Magnet schools are valuable educational alternatives for students, providing a specialized education that balances traditional coursework with a focused area of study. Magnet schools come in all types, including art and STEM-specific schools, and are intended to foster diversity and bring together students with like interests. Unlike charter schools and private schools, which operate largely… Read More

Charter School Teacher: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

By The Editorial Team May 14, 2020

Charter schools are publicly funded yet operate independently, so they don’t have the same requirements as their local school districts. Charter school teachers can pursue their passion for different types of education, such as schools focusing on maths or the arts, or other types of schools like the Montessori school program. The growth rate for… Read More

How to Become a Higher Education Administrator

By The Editorial Team May 11, 2020

Higher education administration can be a fulfilling career path for educators who want to play an active role in influencing the operations of a university, rather than personally teaching. With the ability to customize curricula, structure programs and services, and keep colleges and universities running smoothly, higher education administration serves a critical role in hundreds… Read More

Charter School Principal: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

By The Editorial Team May 1, 2020

Charter schools are public schools that receive government funding, but operate outside the guidelines of the school system in which they’re located. A charter school principal has a large say in the function and budget for their school and can determine the curriculum best suited to meet the school’s goals and mission. Charter school principals… Read More

STEM/STEAM Teacher: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team February 28, 2020

STEM is an acronym used in the education field, meaning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These fields are emphasized in many school systems to make American students more competitive around the globe. In a push to encourage ingenuity and development, a fifth discipline, the arts, was added, to encourage creativity and ingenuity, turning STEM into… Read More

Instructional Coach: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team February 26, 2020

Instructional coaches work with teachers in elementary, middle school, high school, and secondary school settings. They bring years of teaching experience and professional expertise to the table to help teachers learn and implement new strategies and technologies. They also offer support, insight, collaboration, and empowerment based on their own experience and research. Instructional coaches promote… Read More

Homeschool Teacher: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team February 24, 2020

A homeschool teacher (one whose name isn’t mom or dad) is often the primary educator for a small group of students. Many positions are part-time, with parents taking on basic education and hiring teachers for specific subjects. If mom or dad doesn’t have the time to be a homeschool educator, they might choose to hire… Read More

Education Test Developer: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team February 21, 2020

An education test developer works as part of the curriculum design team to help assess student performance. Test questions show areas of strength and weakness in the student population, allowing teachers to tailor presentations to plug learning gaps. Creating test questions that have no cultural bias and have clear answers can be a challenge, but… Read More

College President: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team February 17, 2020

A college president is responsible for overseeing all operations β€” both academic and administrative β€” within an educational institution. The president of a college is equivalent to the CEO of a major corporation, meaning they have to ensure that their organization is successful. In a college, that means focusing on enrollment rates and student GPAs… Read More

Drama Teacher: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team February 13, 2020

First and foremost, it is important to remember that a drama teacher’s primary role is as an educator, not an actor. Many drama teachers work with elementary and secondary students, helping them learn about theater and other forms of performance art. Acting is only one small part of producing a live show, and a drama… Read More

Deciding Between a Career in Teaching or Social Work

By Ashley Watters January 31, 2020

Some of us are called to help others. It’s an impulse that drives us professionally and informs how we live our lives. This leads many to seek out careers in teaching and social work, fields that are often associated with one another. However, these two disciplines are very different areas of study and are markedly… Read More

School District Superintendent: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team January 27, 2020

A school district superintendent is responsible for the overall performance of their district. Hiring new teachers, ensuring that current teachers have up-to-date certifications and follow continuing education requirements, and making sure that the students excel puts a lot of responsibility on individuals holding this position. Depending on the size of the district, many school systems… Read More

Online Learning Director: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team January 23, 2020

Digital learning encompasses a wide field, from bachelor’s degrees to proprietary training classes offered entirely online. Online learning directors participate in every aspect of digital learning from choosing the right technology to helping academic directors design accessible coursework. An online learning director might work with the registrar’s office to enroll new students, the office of… Read More