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Toolkits and Curated Resources for Teachers

ChatGPT Resources for Teachers

The ultimate ChatGPT Resource Toolkit for teachers and other classroom educators. Delve into using AI to create lesson plans, where you can purchase LLM prompts, student resources, and learn about the debates of using large language models in education.

COVID-19 Toolkit for Teachers & Parents

The COVID-19: Resilient Educator Toolkit equips teachers with actionable strategies and advice to use immediately for themselves and in working with and supporting children, parents, and families during these difficult times.

Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools

Here’s a collection of trauma-informed resources and training that provides help for managing stress at school. Learn techniques for long-term self-care and ways to tackle challenging behavior caused by trauma.

STEAM Teaching Resources

As STEM education matures, and the prevalence of STEM professions continue to grow, there’s a clear need for students to utilize skills that are derived from artistic experiences – benefitting their educational pursuits and future professional endeavors.

Cultivating Diversity & Inclusion

Create a culturally inclusive classroom, one that celebrates diversity and inclusion in education while encouraging students to spread the values of inclusion and cultural respect in their everyday lives.

Teaching Civics Education During Turbulent Times

Presenting classroom activity ideas to encourage civics education and pluralism during today’s politically-charged environment plus self-care tips and how to manage students who may be traumatized by events occurring around them.

Back to School Resources for All Teachers

Whether you’re teaching online or returning back to class, this collection of resources is for you. Discover first-day activity ideas, help for new teachers, online teaching strategies, school supply discounts, and more.

Teaching Reading Comprehension

The reading activities provided by our resources will help you teach students how to read and comprehend written content.

Math Teaching Resources

Education may center around the math itself, but ultimately it is an educator’s understanding, appreciation, and development that truly drive the lesson home for their students.

Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom is becoming more essential. It creates learning opportunities that are more engaging and effective than traditional teaching methods.

Social and Emotional Development

Cultivating social skills, emotional mechanisms, and academic knowledge in a learning environment encourages future success by building confidence and self-esteem. 

Early Childhood Education Toolkit

This page is full of resources to help make early childhood education as versatile, engaging and effective as possible. Featuring fundamentals, theories, and strategies.

Teacher Well-Being Strategies

Strategies for educators to find healthy work-life balance and live happy, productive lives inside and outside of the classroom.

Resources for Teaching Language Arts

Exposure to the concepts of spelling, grammar, storytelling, and composition gives students a basis for how to write and communicate effectively.

Education Conferences This Year

A list of upcoming education-focused conferences for teachers, administrators, and community leaders — large and small, free and paid, and all guaranteed to inspire.

Summer Professional Development

While you have some free time, do you want to spend the season improving your skills or learning new ways to rejuvenate? This toolkit is for you.

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