A teacher celebrating that she reached the end of the Educator Rejuvenation Challenge
Educator Rejuvenation

Celebrate Yourself — You Deserve It

By The SHARE Team

Whip out the party blowers and confetti because you did it! You committed to nine whole weeks of personal growth. And honestly, it’s not easy to stick with something for nine weeks right out of the gate, but you handled it like a champ. How can you tell? Because you’re still here! You’re reading this right now. 

You should be so proud of yourself — like dance-mom proud. You now have the tips and tricks and tools to elevate your life. That’s a big deal. It means so many things for you. Top of the list? You don’t have to settle for frazzled teacher status anymore. You can live by design rather than by default, and I don’t think there’s anything in this world more powerful than that. 

So today, we celebrate you. Here’s to all that you are. All that you’ve learned in this Educator Rejuvenation Challenge. And all that you’re on your way to becoming. 

It’s important to celebrate your wins — no matter how big or how small. Celebrating releases endorphins into your body, making you feel fantastic and reinforcing your success. It sends a message to your mind that hard work pays off and that challenges are worth pursuing. Over time, this increases motivation and determination and creates more success. 

Just as light begets light, success begets success. Celebrating one success puts you in the exact right headspace for achieving more of the same.  Remember this as you continue on your path. 

But today, know this: 

  • You are capable of finding peace, being mindful, and improving your health.
  • You can focus on what’s truly important, find joy in small things, advocate for yourself, and be grateful.
  • You know how to take really good care of yourself, make dramatic progress, and take control of your mind.
  • You will achieve your goals.  

You. Are. Capable. Of anything and everything you put your mind to. 

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