Reflecting Back on Your Month’s Purpose: Tips to Improve Going Forward

Reflecting Back on Your Month’s Purpose: Tips to Improve Going Forward
The SHARE Team July 22, 2019

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Remember when we talked about planning out your month ahead? There were those six steps you should do to stay stress-free while remaining on target with your most important personal goals. Remember that? 

So…  how’d it go? Were you able to stick to your plan and commit to your calendar? Naturally, some of the steps were easier than others. You are a teacher, after all, and planning and organizing are right in your wheelhouse. But how ‘bout that number three huh? Picking your purpose and sticking with it? Ugh. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

If you’re feeling rock solid about it — like you nailed the challenge and totally carved out time for your intended purpose — more power to you! That’s amazing. But honestly, most of us could probably improve in this area. And here’s why: steadfast commitment to something for yourself amid all the hoopla of everyday life is really freaking hard y’all. It just IS. Being organized helps. Being mindful helps. Prioritizing helps. These are amazing tools to help condition you for success in this area. But none of these things get it done for you. For that, you have to dig down deep. Right in the feels. 

So, if you had trouble staying on track, here are two things you can do to help you improve your commitment to your purpose in the months ahead. 

Pack that purpose chock full of meaning 

Look back to the purpose you set for this month. Was it meaningful enough? Did it hit you where you feel it? This is super important for making something stick. You can’t logically decide on something like purpose using your rational brain. Instead, you’ve got to just feel it in your gut — a burning need to accomplish it. There’s no way around it. Purpose has to be authentic and deep and REAL.

This is why so many people talk about defining their why. Yes, we’re only talking about setting a monthly purpose, but all the tricks still apply. Purpose is purpose. And meaning trumps all. 

So, going forward, when you choose your purpose, list at least three heartstring whys. Go ahead and get gushy here. The more you feel it, the more likely you’ll be to achieve it. 

Make the mission clear as glass

Here’s the deal: It’s really hard to get up the momentum to cross a finish line when the line is blurred. Without a perfectly clear direction, you meander. There is no beeline. There are zigzags and swirlygigs, all of which serve to slow you down and confuse your course. And that just opens you up to distractions, loss of motivation, and, ultimately, failure.

So, when you set your purpose for this new month, scrutinize over the wording you use. Get super specific. Anyone should be able to read your purpose and fully understand exactly what you mean — beyond a shadow of a doubt. Don’t just think of something and jot it down. Craft it.

You’ll find that by zeroing in on a very precise intention, it will make it more impactful, easier to achieve, and easier to measure your success. 

By setting a more clear and meaningful purpose this month, you’re boosting your chances of accomplishing your goals. It will be easier to stick to the plan you’ve laid out for yourself when that plan is intrinsically motivating and crystal clear. 

Reflection is such a key component to progress. Without stopping and going back for a minute, there’s a cap on how much you can learn and how much you can gain. Make sure you do this in all areas where you set a plan or goal for yourself. Don’t just plow forward, accepting the status quo. Be your best by doing your best. Always reflect. Always shift accordingly. Always grow. 

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