Career and Technical Education

Kids and students using VR headset

At the Heart of TPACK: A Pedagogical Model

By Darri Stephens June 16, 2020

We know that education loves its acronyms, and yet sometimes the hardest part is remembering what each stands for, never mind what each means! Recently we dived into the SAMR Model (pronounced “sammer”), to learn how technology can be used as a Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, or Redefinition when designing learning experiences. TPACK, which stands for… Read More

CTE Teacher: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team December 18, 2019

Career and technical education teachers, or CTE teachers, prepare young people and adults for a wide range of careers that demand specialized skills. CTE teachers are employed in middle schools, high schools, community colleges, junior colleges, and trade and business schools. Most CTE teachers work during the day, although some teach weekend or evening classes…. Read More

Robotics Teacher: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team December 12, 2019

Robotics is an exciting, expanding industry. According to the International Federation of Robotics, robot sales are steadily increasing by several billion dollars each year in the medical, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors. As more and more processes in these and other industries are left to robots, the next-generation workforce will need to be able to build,… Read More

I teach because I believe in the power of education to change a life. What keeps me working and serving at the community college level is the deep understanding that education is a right that should be afforded to all people,  including nontraditional students who are first-generation, immigrants, or of low socioeconomic status. These students… Read More

How to Help High School Students with Career Research

By The SHARE Team January 31, 2013

High school students often tire of being asked, “What are your career plans?” Some students have no idea how to answer the question. Others may give a rote answer just to stop the questions. There are actually so many career choices available that high school students can pursue that they need direction in order to… Read More

Industrial Arts Teacher: Career Information for Educators

By Robbie Bruens October 4, 2012

The 21st-century economy depends on a diverse array of talents and occupations. The work of electricians, mechanics, carpenters, welders, and builders is essential to a functioning society. And it’s up to industrial arts teachers to equip their students with the know-how and hands-on skills to succeed in these crucial jobs. At-a-glance: Industrial arts teachers Industrial… Read More

Three Reasons Teachers Should be Teaching Financial Literacy

By The Editorial Team May 17, 2012

Despite the recession and financial crisis of recent years, many Americans are still in the dark as to how to manage their finances. Some still have trouble understanding interest, loan terms, and why it’s so vital to pay credit cards on time. So how can we support the future success of young adults and help prevent economic… Read More