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What Are Graduate-Level Education Degrees?

By The Editorial Team January 29, 2020

Interested in increasing your educational knowledge, changing career paths, or moving into an educational leadership position? In addition to establishing your credentials as a qualified expert and potentially adding more money to your current salary, an advanced degree is an opportunity to expand your educational horizons. Pursuing an advanced degree can expand your impact on… Read More

EdD vs. PhD: Choosing the Right Doctoral Program for You

By The Editorial Team December 10, 2019

So you’ve completed your MEd and you want to further your expertise and advance your credentials. How do you decide which doctoral program is right for you? While both an EdD and a PhD focus on higher learning in the field of education, varying curriculum requirements, a different focus in studies, and differing career opportunities… Read More

Tips for Earning an EdD While Working Full-Time

By The Editorial Team November 28, 2018

You’re already aware of the many benefits in earning a Doctorate of Education (EdD). And, if you’re like many other prospective doctorate students, you may be concerned with whether or not you can actually devote yourself to the program. In particular, you may be asking yourself: “Can I really balance a full-time workload and family… Read More

Classroom teaching brings fresh challenges each year. But after a time, some teachers want to step out of the classroom and shoulder broader responsibilities. Taking a job in administration is a common path for those who want to stay in education but extend their reach beyond one classroom. “A lot of times, teachers decide they… Read More

Five Things to Remember Before Writing a Thesis

By The Editorial Team August 7, 2014

A thesis paper is more than just an essay–it can be seen as a student’s legacy. A thesis helps define how a student analyzes, interprets, and conveys information, helping to mold his or her forthcoming accomplishments. The significance of thesis papers extend beyond formal education, as they can be referenced time and again on cover… Read More