Physical Education and Health

Learning About Nutrition in the Classroom: Tips for Teachers

By The SHARE Team October 15, 2012

As concerns about childhood obesity increase, teachers must find strategies to encourage healthy nutrition, a balanced diet and physical activity in the classroom. Teachers need to get creative when it comes to learning about nutrition because it is a vital part of providing a healthy foundation for future generations. Keep lessons simple While the goal of… Read More

Health Teacher: Job, Education and Salary Information

By The Editorial Team October 4, 2012

Health teachers instruct pupils on good hygiene, safe sex, effects of drug or alcohol abuse and why physical fitness is a must for a healthy life. They may take students to farms to show them where their milk comes from or how they get their eggs. They may take students to a dairy or bakery… Read More

Physical education teachers are vital to learning as they contribute to the overall improvement of education across America. Physical education teachers help students stay mentally fit, raise the bar for making healthy choices throughout life, and build character — from elementary school into adulthood. If you’re passionate about giving children, adolescents, or young adults the… Read More

Behavioral health therapy and counseling is one of the fastest-growing medical sectors in the 21st century. It’s challenging work because many people need help with changing their patterns of behavior. Schools, in particular, are grappling with the psychosocial needs of their students. If somebody’s behavior poses a danger to themselves or other people, effective change… Read More