Lady taking notes during a videoconference

Tech Try It! With Zoom

By The Editorial Team August 19, 2020

Are you a Zoombie? This fall, many classrooms are going 100% distance learning. Rather than preparing classroom space and walls to welcome students, teachers have been preparing their distance learning plans. Zoom has been adopted by many schools for distance learning. It’s because it’s easy to use, reliable, can be used on laptops, tablets, or… Read More

Professional Development Goals: How to Set Them & Reach Them

By The Editorial Team July 29, 2019

Now that you’re a superstar goal-setter with a whole toolbox of actionable tricks for actually reaching said goals, it’s time for another challenge. This week, take a look at everything you’ve learned on the goal front and apply it your career. I know. We’ve been hyper-focused on personal development for the past eight weeks and… Read More

The Act of Planning vs. Acting on a Plan

By Zachary Fruhling December 13, 2018

My maternal grandfather gave me some of the best life advice I have ever received: “Always have a plan.” Having a plan helps you set your goals and figure out the necessary steps to achieve them. Too often, however, having a plan (or acting on a plan) is confused with the act of planning. Having a… Read More

Self-Care: Getting Mentally Prepared for a New School Year

By The Editorial Team August 3, 2018

Entering a new school year can be stressful and daunting. The long summer days are winding down and back-to-school anxiety starts to creep in. But with a little mindfulness and intention, you can start off the new school year right! The power of intention “Our intention creates our reality,” says Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Living… Read More