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Defining Your Class Culture During Distance Learning

By Kelly Mendoza September 3, 2020

Fill in the blank: The culture of my class is _____________________________.  What came to mind? Was it easy to define, or did you struggle to describe it? The beginning of the new year is all about starting fresh and setting norms, guidelines, and defining your classroom culture with students. But what does that look like… Read More

If there’s ever been a time when school-to-home communication needs to be strong, it’s now. With many schools moving to distance learning, parents are the key in supporting students with successful at-home learning. And we know that strong parent engagement drives improved student outcomes and performance (WestEd, Parent Involvement Project). But nowadays, family engagement looks… Read More

The Powerful Practice of Positive Self-Talk

By The Editorial Team July 10, 2019

Positive self-talk. It’s one of those things that sounds all hippy-dippy, but it’s actually pretty fundamental. We all have an inner voice, and how that voice speaks to us directly impacts our mood, our mental health, and our actions. Learning to flip the script and put a positive spin on your internal dialogue can have… Read More