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Charter School Principal: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

By The Editorial Team May 1, 2020

Charter schools are public schools that receive government funding, but operate outside the guidelines of the school system in which they’re located. A charter school principal has a large say in the function and budget for their school and can determine the curriculum best suited to meet the school’s goals and mission. Charter school principals… Read More

The Emotions of Learning: Q&A with Marc Brackett, PhD

By Jennifer Gunn February 6, 2019

Social-emotional and trauma-informed learning and teaching are at the forefront of education research and study today. The National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) reports that nearly 50 percent of the children in the U.S. have experienced “at least one or more types of serious childhood trauma.” Therefore, ignoring emotions in the classroom can absolutely pose… Read More

The Impact of Income on Student Success and What We Can Do About It

By Mary Jane Pearson, PhD October 30, 2018

The American Dream depends upon the belief that, regardless of your background, if you work hard enough you can achieve your goals. But extensive research has shown that income does impact student success. As educators, what can we do about this national issue? Read on to find out how one Portland school addressed the challenge. Research on… Read More

Classroom teaching brings fresh challenges each year. But after a time, some teachers want to step out of the classroom and shoulder broader responsibilities. Taking a job in administration is a common path for those who want to stay in education but extend their reach beyond one classroom. “A lot of times, teachers decide they… Read More

Teachers: Four Ways to Start the New School Year Strong

By Brian Gatens August 6, 2015

Nothing beats a strong start to the school year. A solid opening filled with good information, positive parental contact and clear class expectations will put your class on a constructive path that will help during the doldrums of mid-year and the growing excitement of the school year nearing its end in June. Here are some… Read More

You’ll work with a wide spectrum of families over your career, and one of the most challenging will be the ones who over-parent their children. Popularly known as “helicopter parents,”’ they are prone to: Pouncing on a teacher seemingly from the moment an assignment is given. Micro-analyzing every grade that goes home. Looking constantly for… Read More

How Teachers Can Help Prevent High School Dropouts

By The Editorial Team January 29, 2013

The national high school dropout rate is far too high, and many students are leaving high school without the skills and credentials they need to become successful, productive members of society. While every professional working in a school can work to prevent high school dropouts, teachers have a unique ability to reach individual students on… Read More