Journaling Template cover

Download These Journaling Templates

By Darri Stephens July 22, 2020

Sometimes, the hardest part of reflecting is taking the time to do so. Habits can take up to three months to form, so to help with the pursuit of goal setting and journaling, we wanted to share some templates that you can use. In this downloadable packet are four different formats — find the one… Read More

Reflecting by Journaling

By Kelly Mendoza July 8, 2020

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart – William Wordsworth We’ve all had a lot happen in the past several months. Emphasis: A LOT. Think about the changes we’ve all endured in such a short amount of time. Have you been able to process it all? Now that it’s summer and you have… Read More

“In the journal I am at ease.” Anais Nin It’s amazing how the simplest things can have the most profound benefits. When it comes to healing your mind and your spirit, especially after a long school year, few things are better than journaling. Scientific evidence has proven time and again that writing dissolves mental blocks… Read More