Summer Rejuvenation Challenge

A teacher getting ice cream with her husband

Teacher Reset: Enjoy the Journey

By The SHARE Team June 28, 2019

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson As you work to rejuvenate your spirit through this series and beyond, one of the most important takeaways of all is this: the marrow of life is found in the journey and if you’re too focused on what lies ahead, you will miss the… Read More

The Art of Perpetual Self-Improvement for Teachers

By The SHARE Team June 26, 2019

Self-improvement is an ongoing journey — a continuous climb. As we’ve discussed so far, it’s about reflecting, evaluating, adapting. It’s breaking down goals into manageable tasks. Constantly bringing yourself back to your main focus. And being aware and mindful in the present moment. But why do all this work? What’s the point?  You improve to… Read More

Teachers: Up Your Grit Factor First

By The SHARE Team June 24, 2019

Let’s have a chat about grit. Grit is the combination of passion and perseverance. It’s the stamina to stick with your goals for the long haul — living life like a marathon, not a sprint. And, as it turns out, this characteristic is quite the predictor of future success. But can it be learned? Can… Read More

You can write lesson plans with your eyes closed. But do you channel those same organizational skills into your personal life? Planning out the next month is a fantastic way to make sure you’re spending your time wisely while reducing stress and staying on target with your personal goals. Have anxiety? Always feel like you’re… Read More

How many times, when faced with a decision or dilemma, have you been told to just follow your gut? Go with your intuition? All the time! That’s because it’s truly awesome advice. Problem is — it’s easier said than done.  Here’s why: Your intuition isn’t the only voice talking to you. The other speaker in… Read More

Get Grounded: Plant Yourself Firmly in the Present

By The SHARE Team June 18, 2019

As a teacher, you’re used to a little bit o’ chaos in your life. Even if you’re cool with it and pretty good at dealing with it, its cumulative effect over time can start to unground you. Stress builds. And proactively working to bring yourself back to center, will help you assert power over your… Read More

Be Your Own Cheerleader

By The SHARE Team June 14, 2019

Ready for a truth bomb? Ok, here it is: Nobody will ever care about your dreams as much as you do. Sit with that for a second. It doesn’t mean that nobody cares about you or your dreams. What it means is this: If you have a dream, the only person in a position to… Read More

“In the journal I am at ease.” Anais Nin It’s amazing how the simplest things can have the most profound benefits. When it comes to healing your mind and your spirit, especially after a long school year, few things are better than journaling. Scientific evidence has proven time and again that writing dissolves mental blocks… Read More

Teacher Reset: Recalibrate Your Focus

By The SHARE Team June 10, 2019

One of the best ways to hit the reset button on your life is to recalibrate your focus. And today is all about finding out how to do just that. Make an actions list and an outcomes list First things first: Get out a sheet of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle… Read More

Reflection. It’s quite the buzzword in the world of education. Critical reflection is a key component of professional growth. You take note of what dazzled your students and what fell flatter than a pancake. It’s how your lesson plans are made and evolve over time. But do you use this same system of checks and… Read More

7 Ways to Control Your Mind So It Doesn’t Control You

By The SHARE Team June 5, 2019

Okay. So you’ve given yourself a minute to just be. Amen to that! Now it’s time to start bringing some intention to what’s going on upstairs. Let’s kick today’s challenge off with some old-school inspiration from Buddha. “To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must… Read More

5 Ways to Let It Go When the School Year Ends

By The Editorial Team June 3, 2019

You made it. Another school year successfully under your belt. Those last few days can be IN. SANE. So before you dive into your summer like gangbusters — whether you’re teaching summer school, waiting tables, or spending the days with your own crazy crew — give yourself permission to carve a slice of time for… Read More