Toolkit: Be Informed

Student Activity: Be a Journalist

By Kelly Mendoza March 26, 2020

DIRECTIONS – Part 1 – Observe & Interview You are going to be a journalist and write a news story about a day in the life of your family during the coronavirus. As a journalist, you are going to be objective and record your observations of what’s actually happening. As an objective journalist, you should… Read More

Right now, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, you may have orders to shelter in place, and your children’s school was likely closed. You’re wondering, what’s going on? What should we be doing? What’s the impact going to be? Like many others, you turn to the news for answers. And you may be consuming… Read More

For Teachers: Practicing Mindful News Literacy

By Kelly Mendoza March 25, 2020

You probably have watched, read, and heard more news in the past two weeks than you have in the past few months. Half of US adults (51%) are following the news about the coronavirus pandemic very closely, and 38% fairly closely (in a survey of US adults from March 10-16 by Pew Research). Half of… Read More