Toolkit: Create a Plan

Student Activity: Ready, Set, Routine!

By Darri Stephens April 1, 2020

DIRECTIONS – Part 1 – Log Your Routine In order to create a well-balanced daily schedule, it is a good idea to first reflect on how you currently are spending your time: Pick a day. Then repeatedly ask yourself, “What am I doing today?” Use a simple log to keep track of the time you… Read More

Family Tip Sheet: The Ritual of Routine

By Darri Stephens March 31, 2020

Routines provide predictability, a sense of boundaries, and reassurance. And whether it is work or for school, we all know that a sense of routine can help productivity; doesn’t matter one’s age! Why should we embrace routines? Structure shouldn’t be synonymous with the idea of restriction or loss of free will. Rather, structure and routine… Read More

Much of our anxiety these days comes from the unknown. A recent Harvard Business Review article, “That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief,” highlights the work of grief expert, David Kressler. Kressler speaks “anticipatory grief,” where we get caught in a whirlpool of future’s what if’s. He recommends acknowledging the grief in order to then manage… Read More