Toolkit: Embrace Change

Boy pretending to be superhero

Student Activity: My Superpowers

By Brisa Ayub April 8, 2020

DIRECTIONS – Part 1 Life is full of changes, some big and some small. Can you think of a big change that has happened to you? Describe it below. DIRECTIONS – Part 2 Now think of how you handled that change and create a superhero that can help others make it through similar changes! What… Read More

How can change be powerful? Kids do it every day without any thought. They are constantly changing. Their bodies, their attitudes, their abilities, and their perceptions – both of the world around them and of themselves. And then, of course, there is the type of change that can be anxiety-provoking, a little scary, and full… Read More

There are a few things in life that are certain: paying taxes and change. You can’t escape change (or taxes) no matter how hard you try. Change is inevitable, it happens with or without our consent. Change isn’t always a bad thing! As educators, we see change every day with our students and with many… Read More