Toolkit: Move Forward

Student Activity: Reach for the Stars!

By Darri Stephens April 11, 2020

DIRECTIONS  Have you ever wished upon a star? Starlight, star bright,First star I see tonight… Sometimes you might wish for things to happen, but you can help make them happen by taking steps forward towards your goals. Sometimes that means you have to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  Part 1: In… Read More

Why is it important to keep moving forward? One of life’s biggest lessons is mastering the art of moving forward. Yet, it’s one of life’s greatest oxymorons, for as simple as the behavior is – it is difficult. For some reason, it can be tough to take a step outside of one’s comfort zone, no… Read More

For Teachers: One Step At A Time

By Darri Stephens

In life, I often find myself turning to popular media, literature, or movies for a balance of inspiration and reassurance. Whenever my sister or I am having a bad day, we’ll mutter to each other, “Some days are like that … even in Australia.” (Can you name that children’s book by award-winning author, Judith Viorst?)… Read More