Toolkit: Stay Calm

Student Activity: Calming Cards and Calming Catcher

By Darri Stephens March 27, 2020

Sometimes in life, when you are stressed or frustrated, you might need a little reminder about how to calm yourself.. in your back pocket! Find the strategies that work best for you by asking a trusted adult or by looking online to search for “calming techniques for kids” (hint: look at the images to find… Read More

Family Tip Sheet: 5 Pathways to Family Calmness

By Darri Stephens March 25, 2020

Why do we need calming strategies?  Overall wellbeing takes into account your mental and physical states. In trying times, our personal sense of balance can easily be thrown off. We all have different ways to calm ourselves. Share the ones that work best for you, but also help kids identify which strategies work best for… Read More

These days, I feel like the air is silently buzzing – full of angst, worry, and fear. These are trying times for all, ages 0-100+. And as adults, we are tasked with being role models, which can be tough when we ourselves are overwhelmed with so much unknown. In the spirit of #stayingsane, we wanted… Read More