Toolkit: Stay Healthy

Habits of Effective Math Students

Student Activity: Mind-Body Connector

By Brisa Ayub April 1, 2020

We can start to recognize our feelings and our emotions by feeling them in our body. Can you identify where you feel certain emotions? DIRECTIONS First, color code the emotions in the provided area. Color in where you feel each emotion on your body outline. Draw an arrow to where you feel that emotion and… Read More

Family Tip Sheet: Stress Busters

By Brisa Ayub March 31, 2020

Stress can do a number to our bodies and can decrease our body’s ability to fight off becoming sick by weakening our immune systems. Stress can creep up on us little by little or can hit us like a wall of bricks. It is important not only to recognize when we are feeling stressed but… Read More

If there has ever been a time to evaluate your health, now would be it! Staying healthy and building a strong immune system is the first line of defense that we have against the COVID-19 virus and other health-related issues. Basic hygiene – washing our hands for 20 seconds, not touching our face, and keeping… Read More