Students listening to speaker in a classroom

Doing Accountable Talk in the Classroom

By The Editorial Team October 7, 2020

Promoting student-centric discussion in the classroom is accountable talk. More than a mere educational trend, accountable talk is a manner of conversing in the classroom setting that is respectful and meaningful for both the listener and speaker. By advancing students’ speaking skills, accountable talk has become an essential part of classroom management that is not… Read More

Creating Confident Oracy Using Your Classroom

By The Editorial Team September 23, 2020

Oracy is a key component of formal education, but it’s not a term that students are necessarily familiar with as a school subject. Most students are used to answering questions in class. As they move through each grade, they may even be tasked to give a presentation to the class on a topic they researched… Read More

What is Dialogic Reading in the Classroom?

By The Editorial Team

What Is Dialogic Reading in the Classroom? Dialogic reading is an interactive style of reading with children in a classroom setting. The practice promotes children’s literacy and language skills. During this type of reading practice, the child and instructor switch roles. This gives the students the opportunity to become the storyteller rather than just the… Read More

Educators – An Unbroken Spirit

By Brisa Ayub July 15, 2020

In a time of crisis, amazing things can happen. You don’t have to look far back into history to see how individuals can respond with innovation and resilience instead of subsiding to what could have been a perilous ending.  During World War II, the world saw innovations that changed the world as we knew it… Read More

Bringing heart to the center of COVID

By Brisa Ayub July 14, 2020

Even the littlest acts of kindness can go a long way. When COVID started to shut down schools, educators did what they always do — they stepped it up to help their students and their community better cope with their new norm and they tried to bring some heart to the center of COVID. From… Read More