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4 Free Interactive eBooks for First Grade Reading Groups

By The SHARE Team

It’s no secret that the world of primary education is changing. Technology has afforded teachers some of the most effective tools for engaging young learners both inside and outside the classroom. Now teachers can easily integrate interactive tools that help aid first grade readers down the path of better reading, writing and comprehension.

When it comes to reading, there are few tools better than interactive eBooks to connect with first grade readers. In this article, we’ll take a look at four of the most popular and effective interactive eBooks currently available.

Sneaky Sam

Sneaky Sam is the story of Sam, a little boy who is cheeky and sneaky. He goes about his day and gets into all sorts of hijinks. At the end of the day, however, readers learn that he is simply a good little boy who just wants to be loved. The book is ideal for first graders because of its ease of use, and its interactive animation. As the readers makes their way through the book, they are surprised by a lot of interactive animation sequences that move the story along in a fun and engaging way.

The Great Cookie Thief

The Great Cookie Thief is a new spin on the old cookie monster character. The eBook inspires readers to go on the hunt for the great cookie thief. In the process, young readers are tasked with building visual identification and observation skills. They can also make unique Wanted posters as they begin their search for the cookie monster. The eBook includes a variety of tools such as virtual photo booths, paintbrushes, stickers, a large color selection and a bunch of silly stickers.

Monkeys in My Head

Monkeys in my Head is a new and original interactive story about a little girl called Pirouette and the little monkeys that live inside her head. It is a healthy combination of funny and serious, and teaches children how to deal with bullies in a healthy and positive way.

Timmy Tickle

Timmy Tickle is an interactive octopus storybook that was specifically developed for iPad. The eBook encourages young readers to learn through fun 3D interactive animations and some eye-popping graphics. First graders can interact with Timmy Tickle by touching the screen, which triggers animations in a way that brings the octopus to life.

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