5 Ways to Make Learning Math More Fun

5 Ways to Make Learning Math More Fun
The SHARE Team October 27, 2012

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Math can be a hit or miss subject for students. When it comes to learning math, there is often no middle ground, and this makes it a difficult subject for teachers to teach. To help students learn math concepts in class, and have the confidence to transfer those skills to real-life situations, educators must find ways to better teach the subject. The following are five ways to make learning math fun.


Teachers need to show the same amount of enthusiasm for the subject that they want to see from students. If teachers perceive the material as boring and daunting, so will students. Educators should show an enthusiasm for math and find ways to incorporate that enthusiasm in lessons. Students will become more willing to learn.

Engaging materials

Use fun and entertaining materials when discussing math. Teachers who work with elementary school students should provide fun counting materials, such as small cereal, fruit snacks or colored beads. Many students are visual learners, and having tangible items to work with will help get a better understanding for mathematical concepts being taught.

Real-world applications

Make sure students know how math applies to everyday life. Come up with story problems that show them how math can be used in situations they are interested in. Use sports, dance and video games as a way to draw students in to the math learning and application process.


Teachers can leverage technology to teach math lessons. Students today are attracted to new technology and often find learning on a tablet or with a SMART Board fun. Using technology in lesson plans will help students learn not only the math concepts at hand but also how technology can be used in their everyday lives.

Career opportunities through math

Show students how different careers utilize math. A calculus teacher, for example, can show students how doctors and veterinarians use calculus on a daily basis. Students who are interested in writing and English will learn that journalists need a good working background in math, and teachers can show them how important percentages are to that career. Showing students how math is used in their desired field can encourage them to focus on assignments and retain the math concepts. Teachers who utilize these tips will find that their students do better when it comes to testing time because they enjoyed learning the topic.

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