Best Web Resources to Find Online Teaching Jobs

Best Web Resources to Find Online Teaching Jobs
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The Editorial Team October 19, 2012

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Teaching online.  It may be a little out of the box for some more traditional teaching professionals, but if you are in the market for a teaching position, online teaching opportunities continue to grow and they can offer a unique and rewarding career.

By now most people have either taken, or at least heard about, online college courses. Almost every university and college offers some sort of online curriculum to its students. The trend has even spread recently to include high schools as well as home school programs. This convenient new way of learning is quickly becoming popular with students of every level and it offers great new teaching opportunities for educators.

If you are looking for a new teaching position, consider online teaching jobs. According to Candace Davies, President of A+ Resumes for Teachers and a professional career management specialist in the education sector, the main skills you need for teaching online courses, in addition to regular teaching experience, are a good Internet connection, a computer, and written communication abilities.

Where is the Best Place to Search for Online Teaching Jobs?

When searching for online teaching jobs, there are several great resources available to assist you in the hunt for the perfect teaching position. A good place to start your search for online teaching jobs is web based job boards. There are a wide variety of teaching job boards to choose from and they typically require you to create a user profile and account.  This then allows you to post your resume and credentials so you can apply via the web to available online teaching jobs. Posting an online profile with your skill set also allows recruiters to view your resume when they are in need of qualified teachers.

Another useful tip for finding online teaching jobs is to be proactive and to pursue the institution where you would like to teach. suggests that you search for actual openings as well as programs where you would like to teach and send them your resume even if they do not have current positions available on their website. In fact, Lealan Zaccone, Northampton Community College’s assistant director for online learning indicates that it may actually hurt your chances to obtain an online teaching job if you wait until the position is posted. Surprisingly, she has been hiring online instructors for more  four years and she has only had the need to post specific positions two times because of the many unsolicited resumes she has on file. Each school is different and they may hire through specific departments or through an online learning department, and it is important to do your research to make sure you are correctly applying for the online teaching jobs you desire.

There are also employment sources that are made especially for educators. For example, is a free and effective way for new and experienced educators to apply for online teaching jobs. searches the internet for teaching job positions from all across the U.S and posts them on their website to provide easy access to educators. Job seekers can register to receive email alerts when new opportunities arise and then submit their application via the website.

Perhaps one of the newest and most savvy ways to learn about online teaching jobs is via social media. Join Linkedin, become a fan of a school’s Facebook page, and stay up-to-date on the latest job opportunities.  Also post queries on a school’s social media page indicating your interest in working for them.

Using these tips, combined with a little research on the internet, can help make the online teaching position of your dreams nothing but a few mouse clicks away!

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