Four Resources That Will Help Visual Learners

Four Resources That Will Help Visual Learners
The Editorial Team January 14, 2013

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Everyone learns at a different pace and in a different style. Some people do best with a hands-on approach, while others are visual learners who process information easier when they are able to see it in the forms of a chart, diagram demonstration or video.

Here are four Web resources for visual learners to use in the classroom and at home.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This Utah State University National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has many types of resources for visual learners in grades 6 through 12. These include algebra balance scales, tangrams, geoboards, blocks, patterns, mazes and more. Visit the site.

This web-based extravaganza of tools helps students learn science in a great way. Check out the “Tools to Do Science” section where you can use a virtual microscope, stopwatch, create a graph and more. Enjoy your new ruler, protractor and graph paper that you can print out yourself. Visit the site.

National Science Digital Library

The National Science Digital Library has excellent resources for K-12 visual learners. These resources are in the areas of science, math, technology and more. Simply select a grade level from the drop down menu and all kinds of learning information is available, such as how thermometers work, hibernation secrets, plant life and more. Visit the site.

For those who enjoy learning about music, this site will make you appreciate it even more. Equipped with tools, exercises and lessons, students will learn everything from musical notes to musical chords. If your students have difficulty learning notes, they will find it easier after visiting this site. Visit the site.

It’s important for teachers to give students every opportunity to make learning fun, easy and understandable. For students who seem to have difficulty learning a subject, teachers should consider using resources developed for visual learners which can be found on numerous educational websites.

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