Three Websites For Project-Based Learning

Three Websites For Project-Based Learning
The Editorial Team February 5, 2013

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Project-based learning has become a popular educational method in recent years. As a result, there are a growing number of online resources that educators can turn to when searching for information about project-based learning websites.

Here are three websites that stand out as excellent resources for educators to use to develop and enhance their project-based lesson plans.

Buck Institute for Education

This non-profit organization was founded in 1987 and is partially funded by the Leonard and Beryl Buck Trust. Inspired by the research efforts of John Thomas who authored the first edition of “Project Based Learning Handbook for Middle and High School Teachers,” BIE began its first project-based learning plans in high school economics in 1998.  Today, BIE offers on-site workshops for using project-based learning methods in grades K-12, and online support to teachers through its project-based learning website, Do-it-Yourself and on its Edmondo Community Site. Workshops are customized to fit the needs of specific populations of students, such as gifted students, credit recovery, tribal-based or others who may need an alternative approach to their studies.


Edutopia is the brainchild of the George Lucas Educational Foundation whose mission is to improve the learning process for K-12 students in order to help prepare them for their careers, higher education and life as an adult. Ideas for implementing project-based learning strategies are organized on this website by grade level. Visitors to the website will find various project-based learning resources including informational blogs, examples of project-based learning in schools, videos, and downloadable classroom guides.

This website provides extensive practical resources for teachers to educate themselves about project-based methods. It is designed as a “one-stop shop” for project-based learning. Instructions on how to design a project, teach online, or learn more effectively online are all topics available through links on the website. There are also links to various project-based learning studies and research guides. This site also hosts a Collabatory and Project Library that educators can use to find and share their ideas and experiences with various projects.

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