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Think Beyond the Fridge: Nutrition for the Teacher’s Mind

By The SHARE Team

Feeding your body is one thing. But what about feeding your spirit? Your soul? Your curiosities? Just as you need proper nutrition to fuel your body, your mind needs a consistently healthy diet as well. And, as a teacher, this is even more important for you. You’re giving so much of yourself daily in your classroom — you need to be sure to refuel. It’s time to think beyond the refrigerator and start to seriously nourish your mind. 

Feed your spirit, your soul, and your curiosities with these tips and tricks. 

Surround yourself with good, smart, and supportive people. 

Life is short, friend. You don’t have time for negative vibes. Grumbling is not welcome here! Gravitate to people who will lift you up. People you can learn from and be inspired by. Being the most knowledgeable person in the room may feel good for a hot minute, but it’s not going to help you grow, strive, or thrive! Neither is surrounding yourself with small-minded or judgmental people. Instead, seek supporters who encourage you to pursue your goals and will share in the excitement of your achievements. 

Constantly seek out learning opportunities.

We are so blessed to live at a time where information on absolutely anything we’re curious about is at our fingertips 24/7. Use this to your advantage! Listen to self-help books in the car on your way to work, if that’s your thing. Or go deep into the fascinating world of the giant Pacific octopus. If something sparks your interest, pursue it! The world is your oyster and the Google search bar is your best friend.

Practice random acts of kindness. 

There is something so satisfying and uplifting about doing nice things for others. I love to start my day by paying for the person behind me in the drive-thru line at the coffee shop. It honestly boosts my mood for the entire day. There are so many tiny things you can do that will have such an impact. Make a bag of sandwiches and pass them out to homeless people. Help an older person load their groceries into their car. Give that awesome parking spot to someone else who may need it more than you. Try to sneak one random act into every day. It will fill you with joy and a sense of purpose and connection that really can’t be beat.  

Express your creativity. 

Create something. Anything. It can be an oil painting. A pen sketch on a restaurant napkin. A birdhouse. An app. A poem. A song. A garden. The point is, when you’re in a creative headspace, you’re connected to your source. God and universal energy are flowing through you. It’s real. It’s raw. And it’s brilliant food for your spirit and soul.

Go dark to get light. 

Take a hiatus from the news and social media. Filling yourself with negativity (whether you realize it’s negativity or not) is like eating nothing but Twinkies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s not fuel. It’s weighing you down and poisoning your system. I get that FOMO (fear of missing out) is real but, honestly, you’re not going to be missing anything that won’t be there when you go back to it. Clear this space for reflection, appreciation, and gratitude for what you have in your life. By removing some negativity and replacing it with positivity, you’re doubling up on good and you’ll feel calmer, less stressed, and more in sync with universal energy. 

Ask more questions.

Curiosity is important. It keeps you feeling energized and vibrant. But as we get caught up in our daily lives, our curiosity can flame out. The good news? It’s easy to re-ignite it. The simple act of asking questions is a really great jump start. Shift your focus from finding answers to asking more and better questions. Often, one question will lead to another and, before you know it, you’re onto something you’re uber curious about and excited to investigate further. Take every opportunity to ask. It’s awesome nourishment.

Socialize. Interact. Connect. 

Introverts, this applies to you too. Whether you’re readily excited about spending time with people or not, good, old-fashioned human connection is just plain necessary for the soul. Push past your comfort zone and make sure to socialize and interact with others regularly. It’s a good exercise in shifting your perspective and understanding of how to truly walk in someone else’s shoes. Plus, it keeps you grounded, focused on the present moment, and aware that, on some level, no matter how different we all are, we’re also exactly the same.

We are complex creatures. And we need to keep our minds, bodies, and souls engaged and fed to achieve holistic health. Incorporate this nourishment into your week and you’re sure to find a new zest for life, more joy, and more peace in your heart. What could be better than that? 

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