Adult Learners

An adult learner sitting in class

I recently explained my strategies for structuring a class so that students would have a sense of its direction and purpose. In this entry, I will focus on how to fill class time with learning activities designed specifically for adults by using a personal example. Background on adult learners Before discussing ways to keep adults… Read More

Most teachers have, at some point, looked out over their class and noticed that, despite their best efforts, the students seemed disengaged. No matter at what level of the curriculum you teach, holding your students’ attention can be one the most difficult aspect of instruction, especially in today’s media-permeated classrooms. Keeping adult learners interested can… Read More

5 Tips for Earning an MEd While Still Teaching Full Time

By The Editorial Team August 7, 2017

Being a teacher is just as rewarding as it can be tiring. Nearly every day of the week, you’re grading papers and lesson planning. You may have kids of your own and advise Key Club. You may exercise every AM, or tutor every PM. Whatever your lifestyle, you don’t want to shuffle it around—but you… Read More

I teach because I believe in the power of education to change a life. What keeps me working and serving at the community college level is the deep understanding that education is a right that should be afforded to all people,  including nontraditional students who are first-generation, immigrants, or of low socioeconomic status. These students… Read More

Five Things to Remember Before Writing a Thesis

By The Editorial Team August 7, 2014

A thesis paper is more than just an essay–it can be seen as a student’s legacy. A thesis helps define how a student analyzes, interprets, and conveys information, helping to mold his or her forthcoming accomplishments. The significance of thesis papers extend beyond formal education, as they can be referenced time and again on cover… Read More

6 Education Grants You May Never Heard Of

By The Editorial Team January 10, 2013

Because of the high costs of a college education, returning to school and earning a degree is little more than a dream for some people. Fortunately, numerous education grants are available that can help fund a college education. While most people know about the Pell and other popular government grants, there are also quite a… Read More

How to Write a Case Study: The Basics

By The Editorial Team November 22, 2012

The purpose of a case study is to walk the reader through a situation where a problem is presented, background information provided and a description of the solution given, along with how it was derived. A case study can be written to encourage the reader to come up with his or her own solution or to review… Read More

What College Students Need to Know About the Clery Act

By The Editorial Team November 9, 2012

The Clery Act is designed to ensure that campus crime statistics are available to students and their parents who are choosing a college or university. History of the Clery Act The Clery Act is a federal law was signed in 1990 and amended in 2008 to protect crime victims, whistle-blowers and other individuals from retaliation…. Read More

10 Great Apps for College Students Studying Education

By The SHARE Team October 20, 2012

Students need all of the help they can get to prepare for and succeed in college. For students training to become teachers, there are specific educational requirements and concerns that need to be addressed.  Luckily, thanks to our technology-driven world, there are many educational apps for tablets and smartphones that can help college students studying… Read More

Adult GED Teacher: Job Description and Salary Information

By Robbie Bruens October 4, 2012

Job prospects can be grim for adults who haven’t earned a high school diploma. If you’re interested in helping to close this education gap, you may want to consider becoming an adult GED teacher. Adult GED teachers help adults earn their general education development (GED) certificate — the equivalent of graduating from high school. Because… Read More

If you enjoy helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing, becoming an American Sign Language (ASL) teacher can be an excellent career choice. ASL teachers specialize in the primary language of the deaf in North America. They help deaf and hearing people integrate in a shared culture and society, and they give deaf… Read More

Literacy is essential to personal, educational and professional success. Indeed, a lack of basic reading and writing skills deprives millions of adults of basic opportunities and essential services every day. If you want to help disadvantaged people overcome illiteracy, you should consider becoming an adult literacy teacher. Adult literacy teachers help adults learn how to… Read More

A graduate school degree is becoming increasingly accessible for working professionals. Having that advanced degree gives a teacher a competitive edge and in-depth knowledge on the job, which has prompted many teachers to look at online education programs. Online graduate school programs are the most flexible, and are usually the best choice to fit into… Read More

How to Write a Letter of Intent

By The Editorial Team June 24, 2011

A statement of purpose, also known as a letter of intent, or LOI, is a brief, focused essay submitted as part of your admission package to a school or university. The LOI establishes intent to enroll by informing Admissions of your educational and career background. The admissions department reviews the LOI, along with the other… Read More