Leadership and Administration

Hands typing on a laptop which has a spreadsheet on the screen

Plan tomorrow’s lesson. Track students’ behavior and progress in reading. Make sure everyone brought permission slips. Contact parents. And decide what’s for dinner.  Teachers have busy lives and careers! However, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel to manage everything. By harnessing the power of Excel and Google Sheets templates, educators can streamline their daily… Read More

What is Data-Driven Instruction?

By The Editorial Team February 28, 2023

Data-driven instruction uses information to tailor lessons to the needs of students. This information can range from summative data such as test scores to formative data, which measures student comprehension through small tasks like discussions.  In contrast to summative assessments, which are generally used to determine a mark or grade, formative assessments are designed to… Read More

Learning Scientist: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

By The Editorial Team February 24, 2023

Learning sciences studies how, why, what, and with whom people learn. Before the development of modern learning sciences, psychological research on the topic involved lab-based studies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide an accurate example of how individuals learn in the real world. A learning scientist works to solve the bias problem in these types of studies…. Read More

Deaf Educator: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

By The Editorial Team February 22, 2023

In the United States alone, over 300,000 deaf or hard-of-hearing children ages 5-17 are enrolled in the educational system, according to the National Association of the Deaf. While 20.8% of these students attend specialized schools, 77.4% are mainstreamed into general education programs. Regardless of institution, it’s pivotal that teachers have the extensive education and training required… Read More

Inclusive Education for Special Needs Students

By The Editorial Team January 20, 2023

Inclusive education involves teaching all students in the same age-appropriate general education classroom at their local school, regardless of the challenges they face. The philosophy of inclusive education promotes the idea that students with disabilities are just as competent as students without disabilities. Successful inclusive education for students with disabilities involves accepting their differences, ensuring… Read More

Charter School Principal: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

By The Editorial Team May 1, 2020

Charter schools are public schools that receive government funding, but operate outside the guidelines of the school system in which they’re located. A charter school principal has a large say in the function and budget for their school and can determine the curriculum best suited to meet the school’s goals and mission. Charter school principals… Read More

School District Superintendent: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team January 27, 2020

A school district superintendent is responsible for the overall performance of their district. Hiring new teachers, ensuring that current teachers have up-to-date certifications and follow continuing education requirements, and making sure that the students excel puts a lot of responsibility on individuals holding this position. Depending on the size of the district, many school systems… Read More

Preschool Director: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team January 2, 2020

Preschool directors have an important role in early childhood education. In general, they’re responsible for supervising the daily programs and schedules, staff, and budgets at childcare centers or preschools. Preschool directors can work for private childcare centers or within public school district preschool programs. Many preschool directors begin their careers as early childhood education teachers… Read More

Department Chair: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Editorial Team December 27, 2019

Department chairs stand on the front lines of education, handling a great deal of preparation work each semester. These professionals might spend all summer working on revisions to the curricula and training teachers about the changes. The start of the school year can be a rush of meeting students, on-boarding new teachers to the department,… Read More

Updated January 6, 2021 Right now an unprecedented situation has griped the country. Teachers are forced to teach online amongst school closures. Budgets everywhere are strained and conferences have likely been cancelled. While seminars and in-person courses are the normal ways for educators to gain professional development, there are tons of alternative online opportunities —… Read More

With dedicated teachers, administrators, and other school staff, public schools are there every day for every student, preparing tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why, during November, we celebrate public schools during American Education Week. Take part in this national event with a few celebration ideas below, and share online using the hashtag #PublicSchoolsForAll. Monday Kick off this… Read More

7 Reactions to ’13 Reasons Why’

By The Editorial Team June 28, 2017

Earlier this year, Netflix released a new series based on a bestselling 2007 YA novel by Jay Asher—and it’s got people talking, a lot. From start to finish, 13 Reasons Why tells the story of Hannah Baker, a high school student who deals with everything from bullying to assault, and ultimately decides (we learn in episode one)… Read More

Classroom teaching brings fresh challenges each year. But after a time, some teachers want to step out of the classroom and shoulder broader responsibilities. Taking a job in administration is a common path for those who want to stay in education but extend their reach beyond one classroom. “A lot of times, teachers decide they… Read More

Election Day, as I often tell my students, is like the Super Bowl for me. The commercials aren’t as exciting, but watching the returns is an interesting process, particularly when local elections have consequences that matter to us. Last Tuesday’s results, including several Colorado school board races, were no exception. Two Colorado school boards served… Read More

Why Some Schools are Rethinking Grading and Evaluation

By The Editorial Team February 3, 2015

Most schools follow standard grading systems, with a letter scale of A through F, and a corresponding numerical value used to calculate students’ grade point averages. Although this system helps us to understand and track student performance on a universal scale, there are some drawbacks to the method. Some critics argue that assigning numerical or… Read More