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Rogue School Board Members

In comic books, Rogue was a superhero, but on a school board, rogue members tend toward villainy. As the liaison among a superintendent, school sites and the district’s general populace, school boards navigate difficult space, often making tough decisions about revenue and budgets, teacher pay, and other district policies. School boards vs. citizens: cases in the… Read More

Ending the Homework Debate: Expert Advice on What Works

By Monica Fuglei November 28, 2013

After exploring the case against homework as well as the ways homework benefits students, it’s clear that both sides have valid arguments. After examining the evidence, we’ve come up with recommendations for both teachers and parents for homework that contributes to students’ academic growth. What kind of homework is beneficial? While some research points to… Read More

The Homework Debate: How Homework Benefits Students

By Monica Fuglei November 21, 2013

This post has been updated as of December 2017. In another of our blog posts, The Case Against Homework, we articulated several points of view against homework as standard practice for teachers. However, a variety of lessons, content-related and beyond, can be taught or reinforced through homework and are worth exploring. Read on! Four ways homework… Read More

Teacher HACKS: Fast & Safe Teaching Tips and Strategies

By Zander Fields November 20, 2013

Teachers these days have a tough job (was it ever easy??). So we reached out to dozens of teachers and asked them for their favorite “hacks” that help make their lives easier and their jobs more manageable. So what’s a hack? A hack is an actionable tip or suggestion that doesn’t fit the norm for… Read More

The Homework Debate: The Case Against Homework

By Alisa Bates, PhD November 14, 2013

This post has been updated as of December 2017. It’s not uncommon to hear students, parents, and even some teachers always complaining about homework. Why, then, is homework an inescapable part of the student experience? Worksheets, busy work, and reading assignments continue to be a mainstay of students’ evenings. Whether from habit or comparison with… Read More

Anger Management: Five Tips for Keeping Playground Peace

By The Editorial Team August 20, 2013

When it comes to anger management, playground personnel need highly developed skills to keep the kids under their supervision safe and happy. If you regularly supervise a rowdy bunch of children all running off their built-up steam, read on to find some tips for educators that will help you make recess the best possible experience… Read More

For countless educators and school districts, incorporating the technology utilized in the classroom into the Common Core State Standards is proving to be a challenging task. New technologies continue to play an ever-broadening role in enhancing reading, writing, listening, speaking and language use among students and, as technology changes, students must be capable of adapting… Read More

5 Ways Online Teachers Can Create Engaged Class Discussions

By The Editorial Team May 13, 2013

One of the most challenging tasks that online teachers face today is creating an engaging environment that encourages student participation. An effective lesson plan incorporates online class discussions that complement the course objectives and targets skill development. Designing pedagogy for engagement An ideal discussion assignment includes a thought-provoking problem or issue, sufficient time for students… Read More

It is quite natural for a student teacher to be a little anxious the first time he or she steps into a real classroom. All of the teacher education courses, lectures and controlled classroom scenarios that were designed to give a student the skills to become a teacher have been completed. What was mastered to… Read More

Creating an efficient and effective digital classroom requires online teachers to develop exceptional communication skills. Twenty-first century teachers need all the skills required to develop lessons plans for traditional classroom instruction, and they must be able to apply them to digital teaching environments. Education delivery is evolving. As the evolution progresses, the overriding challenge for… Read More

Three Tips for Elementary Leadership Activities

By The SHARE Team March 14, 2013

Elementary leadership activities in the classroom assist students to develop skills necessary as they prepare for junior high and high school. Laying the foundation for developing leadership skills involves critical thinking and exploring solutions to problems that sidetrack team projects and other group activities. Here are three tips on activities that can be used to… Read More

Before science provided the evidence needed to confirm its importance, health education was recognized as being a vital part of every K-12 curriculum. Educators have always understood, for example, that physically healthy and active students were better able to learn. The key to any effective school health curriculum has to be a high degree of… Read More

6 Quotes for Teacher Mentors

By The Editorial Team

Teacher mentor quotes can inspire experienced educators and new teachers alike. Because teaching ranks among the most rewarding, challenging, and (at times) heartrending careers available, a mentor system can make all the difference in the success of a classroom, a teaching environment, or even an entire school. Here are six quotes for teacher mentors that… Read More

Parent questionnaires and school surveys are one of the best ways for educational institutions to obtain information from their communities. This information can then be used to make improvements or to make decisions about school-related concerns. School administrators should send out at least one questionnaire about their institution every year, but should also make sure… Read More

Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Theory Explained

By The Editorial Team February 27, 2013

With regard to emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman was not the first to articulate the concept. However, in the double role of psychologist and journalist, Goleman made the elements of emotional intelligence accessible to broad segments of society. His best-selling books — beginning with “Emotional Intelligence”(1995) — have already changed how some businesses interact with clients… Read More