Kids reading books together on a beautiful summer day

Each summer, educators and students alike pour out of schools ready to relax, have fun, and recuperate from their challenging years. Students definitely feel like they need the break, but the research is clear: academic skills — especially reading — decline over the summer. Why summer learning matters Most students suffer a summer slump to… Read More

11 Free Reading Comprehension Exercises Online

By The SHARE Team November 23, 2012

When students have difficulty comprehending what they’re reading, not only could they have trouble in nearly every subject in school, but they miss out on the joy of exploring new worlds, traveling back in time, and solving mysteries alongside their peers. High-interest stories sometimes are motivating enough to read, yet some students continue to struggle when… Read More

Teaching adolescent literacy is a multi-pronged challenge. Middle and high school literacy teachers not only have to help their students master specific curriculum goals, they also have to deal with the sometimes difficult task of engaging young adults in reading. In addition, adolescent literacy teachers may also have to help some of their students gain… Read More