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Top Manipulatives for Teaching Math

By The Editorial Team March 3, 2023

ResilientEducator.com may earn a commission from completed purchases made after clicking on product links. Learning mathematics cannot be achieved through memorization alone. Manipulatives provide a physical representation of the issue being addressed, leading to a more meaningful, hands-on experience. They’re very beneficial for real-world math problems. Throughout history, physical objects have been used to represent… Read More

Plan tomorrow’s lesson. Track students’ behavior and progress in reading. Make sure everyone brought permission slips. Contact parents. And decide what’s for dinner.  Teachers have busy lives and careers! However, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel to manage everything. By harnessing the power of Excel and Google Sheets templates, educators can streamline their daily… Read More

How to Make Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

By The Editorial Team

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online resource that provides teachers with the capacity to monetize their educational materials. Here, educators can publish and make their own products available at a custom price. In doing so, they can benefit from a share of the profit on every sale made. How to make money on Teachers Pay… Read More

How To Introduce Coding in Classrooms (Online and In-Person)

By The Editorial Team March 1, 2023

Coding enables computer systems to fulfill tasks and reach objectives with ease. Programmers have been able to construct websites, design computer systems, develop mobile apps, and craft video games. Learning computer programming is becoming increasingly important in preparing for 21st-century jobs. By integrating coding activities into lesson plans, students can hone their problem solving skills… Read More

Programming and coding teachers are pivotal in imparting students with a strong background in computer science. Their dedication to STEM education empowers learners by providing instruction of programming languages, the basics of coding, and designing creative programs. This expertise equips students with the capability to tackle challenging issues they may face in their daily lives…. Read More

What is Data-Driven Instruction?

By The Editorial Team February 28, 2023

Data-driven instruction uses information to tailor lessons to the needs of students. This information can range from summative data such as test scores to formative data, which measures student comprehension through small tasks like discussions.  In contrast to summative assessments, which are generally used to determine a mark or grade, formative assessments are designed to… Read More

Virtual Tools for Teaching Math Online

By The Editorial Team

Technology has transformed math instruction in the classroom, engaging students with interactive tools such as SMART boards and videos. For students needing flexibility, virtual schooling creates opportunities to progress at their own pace. Teachers can still be part of this journey, guiding students through studying and exercises, even when outside the physical classroom setting. How… Read More

Best-Paying States for Teachers in 2023

By The Editorial Team February 27, 2023

Teachers switching school districts for better salaries isn’t unusual, and some decide to move across states in search of more opportunities. It’s easy to see why teachers look for better pay elsewhere. A 2022 report by the Economic Policy Institute revealed the average weekly wage (adjusted for inflation) for public school teachers rose by only… Read More

How to Become a STEM-Certified Teacher

By The Editorial Team February 24, 2023

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and it’s generally used as an umbrella term for various disciplines within these fields. In a school setting, STEM classes or certifications revolve around an approach to educational development and learning that integrates these core subjects into classroom materials and learning systems.  The modern world relies heavily… Read More

Learning sciences studies how, why, what, and with whom people learn. Before the development of modern learning sciences, psychological research on the topic involved lab-based studies. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide an accurate example of how individuals learn in the real world. A learning scientist works to solve the bias problem in these types of studies…. Read More

Social-Emotional Learning Teacher: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

By The Editorial Team February 23, 2023

Social-emotional learning is a methodology that helps students better feel their emotions, understand why they’re feeling them, and demonstrate empathy toward others. This type of learning can help students become more self-aware and create a safer, more inclusive classroom.  SEL instruction has become more common due to the benefits it offers students, such as improved… Read More

Military teachers may be private contractors or enlisted personnel who teach the children of enlisted service members, or a civilian contractor working for the Department of Defense. It could also be extended to former military personnel who are moving into the education profession after their service or while in the reserves. At-a-glance: military teacher Military… Read More

Acting & Singing Teacher: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

By The Editorial Team February 22, 2023

An acting and singing teacher provides individual or group classes for students looking to develop their skills in theater and singing. These teachers can work independently, offering lessons to private clients. They also may work as part of a larger institution, such as a school or studio, instructing in the vocal or dramatic arts. Acting… Read More

In the United States alone, over 300,000 deaf or hard-of-hearing children ages 5-17 are enrolled in the educational system, according to the National Association of the Deaf. While 20.8% of these students attend specialized schools, 77.4% are mainstreamed into general education programs. Regardless of institution, it’s pivotal that teachers have the extensive education and training required… Read More

Inclusive Education for Special Needs Students

By The Editorial Team January 20, 2023

Inclusive education involves teaching all students in the same age-appropriate general education classroom at their local school, regardless of the challenges they face. The philosophy of inclusive education promotes the idea that students with disabilities are just as competent as students without disabilities. Successful inclusive education for students with disabilities involves accepting their differences, ensuring… Read More