Teacher-Parent Relationships

3 Examples of Effective Classroom Management

By The SHARE Team May 24, 2013

There are few careers as challenging and rewarding as teaching, and as with any profession, there are tools of the trade that must be honed so teachers can perform effective classroom management. Classroom management is a necessary skill. Without it, a teacher will have difficulty conveying what needs to be covered. Set guidelines and stick… Read More

How to Craft a School Questionnaire for Parents

By The Room 241 Team March 6, 2013

Parent questionnaires and school surveys are one of the best ways for educational institutions to obtain information from their communities. This information can then be used to make improvements or to make decisions about school-related concerns. School administrators should send out at least one questionnaire about their institution every year, but should also make sure… Read More

3 Fundraising Ideas for Elementary Schools

By The SHARE Team February 4, 2013

Whether for school supplies, special equipment, or for an educational field trip, funds aren’t often easy to come by in public school districts. And, with the majority of American families still recovering financially from the 2008 economic recession, raising funds among families isn’t an easy task for a lot of students. This is when fundraising… Read More

How Teachers Can Help Prevent High School Dropouts

By The SHARE Team January 29, 2013

The national high school dropout rate is far too high, and many students are leaving high school without the skills and credentials they need to become successful, productive members of society. While every professional working in a school can work to prevent high school dropouts, teachers have a unique ability to reach individual students on… Read More

Parental support is a big indicator in student achievement, according to the National Education Association. That doesn’t always mean, however, that parents participate in their children’s lives the way they should. Luckily, getting parents involved in the classroom doesn’t need to be difficult. Good teachers who want their students to succeed should find ways to… Read More

5 Tips for Better Classroom Management

By The SHARE Team January 9, 2013

As any experienced teacher knows, there is more to managing a classroom than simply standing in front of students and telling them what they will be learning on that particular day. You probably know that good classroom management starts with organization and communication. These five crucial tips can help you organize and manage your classroom more… Read More

School District Debate: Year-Round Schools

By The Room 241 Team November 9, 2012

There is some debate as to whether having year-round schooling is beneficial to students. Many believe that this would not be an effective means of teaching students while others think this system would give students a great academic advantage.  Following this second line of thought, a number of states have already put this educational calendar… Read More

Do YES Prep Public Schools Really Make a Difference?

By The Room 241 Team October 27, 2012

Located throughout the Houston metro area, YES prep public schools attempt to prepare low-income students for higher education in an effort to ultimately increase the number of four-year college graduates among groups with historically low numbers. Launched in 1995 as “Project YES” in a school in Houston’s East End, the program began operating its first school in 1998,… Read More

Academic Advisor: Job Requirements and Salary Info

By Robbie Bruens October 4, 2012

Becoming an academic advisor means devoting your career to helping young people fulfill their potential. High schools, community colleges, and universities all over the country employ academic advisors to help their students navigate decisions regarding their education. Few professions are more noble and necessary. As such, academic advising should appeal to anyone with a true… Read More

FERPA Advice for New Teachers

By The Room 241 Team September 26, 2012

Protecting the privacy of students and safeguarding the confidentiality of their records is a responsibility that must be addressed by every public school. FERPA, or the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, was enacted into Federal law in 1974 and serves to help keep these records safe from public view. Protecting private educational records The… Read More