Programming Teacher: Job Outlook, Education, Salary

Programming Teacher: Job Outlook, Education, Salary
The Editorial Team March 1, 2023

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Programming and coding teachers are pivotal in imparting students with a strong background in computer science. Their dedication to STEM education empowers learners by providing instruction of programming languages, the basics of coding, and designing creative programs. This expertise equips students with the capability to tackle challenging issues they may face in their daily lives. Moreover, these teachers share their ardor for technology, which essentially encourages and motivates aspiring STEM professionals.

At-a-glance: programming teacher

Programming teachers are in high demand due to the complexity of topics they have to teach, including coding platforms, languages, and software and hardware utilization. This position offers the unique opportunity to share knowledge about coding and programming in a variety of instructional settings. From working as part of a team instructing K-12 students during elective classes, to remote tutoring, or mentoring at coding and programming camps – you can use your expertise to help students gain mastery over these critical skills. 

This role of providing technical instruction not only involves imparting knowledge on how to use new technologies, but could also entail enlightening personnel from varied organizations on the best possible ways to use these contemporary technologies.

Because teacher roles and responsibilities, as well as salary details, are more easily defined through traditional school-based employment, the information in this article is discussed in context of working at a traditional school.

Programming teacher job description

Programming teachers require a sharp knowledge and understanding of computer science and coding fundamentals. They should have strong teaching skills and be familiar with ongoing technological trends, plus bring the capability to integrate current theories and research into lesson planning. To stay up-to-date, the teacher must be aware of technological advancements in this field.

This job may require long periods of time spent in front of computer screens and dealing with digital materials. It also involves the occasional need to lift equipment for troubleshooting or setup, as well as extensive use of the hands and wrists which could involve bending or stooping in order to assist students. Other responsibilities include:

  • Plan and implement instruction that encompasses learning strategies or activities centered on STEM and programming specifics
  • Encourage students to participate in coding competitions or elective courses when offered at the higher grade school levels
  • Modify instruction for any students with exemplary performance or those with individualized education plans
  • Track the progress of each student to differentiate programming instruction according to demonstrated competency
  • Establish a culture of respect for computers and equipment
  • Consistently pursue new certifications and stay up to date with the latest developments in technology

Who makes a good programming teacher?

A good programming teacher:

  • Has extensive knowledge of STEM and coding curriculum
  • Is familiar with multiple programming languages
  • Can adapt to both in-person and online instruction
  • Uses a wide variety of technology applications and platforms
  • Is adept at supporting students with computer set-up, navigation, and technology troubleshooting

Programming teacher in-depth

Education requirements

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school in addition to a teaching certificate and demonstrated competency in coding and programming
  • Typical time to earn a graduate degree: 18 months to 2 years for a master’s degree, 3 to 5 years for a doctorate

Since computer science is a high-demand field, it would be ideal to pursue additional degrees or certifications. Having a master’s degree in computer science can increase your salary and job prospects. 

A teacher can provide instruction beyond the classroom in specialized schools that offer STEM programs. With a doctorate, one can pursue academia and become a professor at the college level.

Average salaries for a programming teacher

No matter the location, there is a high demand for programming teachers. ZipRecruiter estimates that this profession is rewarded with salaries from $37,489 to $83,584 – a considerable spread due to varying job availability among different regions. Popular cities and metropolitan areas tend to provide higher compensation than smaller towns.

Below is a general idea of average salaries:

Job outlook for programming teachers

Technology has become a pervasive presence in our lives, and its influence is continually expanding. Consequently, having the right expertise and experience in computer science can be an invaluable asset in the job market. Businesses throughout the world demand people with these aptitudes to run their technology systems. Instructors proficient in such skills will likely gain access to numerous job openings and be able to select where they’d like to work. This career is usually immune to economic downturns; there’s no doubt that trained professionals will always be needed for this field.

Challenges and opportunities for programming teachers


  • Command a good salary
  • Instill confidence in students who master programming
  • Opportunities for almost daily knowledge growth
  • Access to freelance opportunities due to high demand
  • Help increase students’ problem-solving skills


  • Frequent changes and developments, making it difficult to stay current
  • Mainly sedentary work
  • Can be a constantly competitive field
  • Repetitive tasks might lead to boredom
  • Potential to feel pressured to stay up to date

Professional development

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, most programming and coding teachers are required to participate in professional development activities or certifications. If even one semester of additional training is skipped, that gap in knowledge could be quite detrimental.

Continuing education

Programming and coding teachers must stay abreast of the latest technological advancements. This field requires ongoing research and regular updates. Obtaining certifications for different programming languages and platforms allow teachers to present a varied range of content. To ensure students receive the best, most up-to-date materials in the classroom, it is essential to have an adept teacher with knowledge of current trends. 

Professional associations

Exploring educational organizations for support as well as forging connections with knowledgeable programmers are excellent strategies for those teaching programming. Not only does this provide up-to-date information on programming languages, but it also offers a great opportunity to capitalize on valuable advice which can ultimately lead to greater success.

By taking part in mastermind strategic planning sessions, honing your skills, and having access to an array of employment opportunities, you can bring yourself one step closer to becoming a technology expert. Furthermore, participating in conferences and webinars will give you the chance to gain insights from some of the leading figures in the field. A handful of professional development organizations include:

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