Sites That Answer Math Questions Online

Sites That Answer Math Questions Online
The Editorial Team February 15, 2013

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Mathematics is often one of the most challenging subjects for a student to master. To keep students on track, many teachers provide students with both instruction and guided practice in the classroom, as well as assignments that must be completed at home and turned in the next day.

However, when students go home to work on assignments, they no longer have access to the teacher for answers to questions or additional support. Fortunately, plenty of websites are available that allow students to ask a math question online. Here are several of the most popular websites.


TutorVista is aimed at students who are struggling in math class and need additional help or practice on homework problems. Student visitors to this site can connect with a live tutor immediately for help with math problems or assistance in understanding a difficult topic. Other beneficial aspects of the TutorVista site include:

  • Using live chat to communicate with the available math tutors
  • A virtual whiteboard space where students can draw, write and share ideas with the tutor
  • An easy navigation sidebar for students to use to select the lesson area where they need help

TutorVista charges by the hour. Students can get a discount by purchasing one-month or three-month unlimited tutoring packages.

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Basic-Mathematics is aimed at elementary-level students with a main focus in algebra and geometry problems. Many games and puzzles await younger students who want additional help in a fun and engaging way. Users can explore various sections within the website such as:

  • A math test-preparation section that generates a sample test that can be taken and scored
  • A section on solving math word problems with walk-through solutions
  • A complete list of topics that can be selected to display definitions and graphics

On this site, students can pose any math question to a pool of experts. does not charge a set price to answer questions. Instead, students can set the price of their question upon submission. A math expert will then answer the question within 10 minutes. If the student is satisfied with the answer, he or she must pay the price named when the question was submitted. If the student isn’t satisfied, he or she won’t be required to pay.

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This site offers nearly 2,000 active mathematics tutors who are available to answer questions. According to the website, tutors are able to answer more than half of all questions posed. Asking questions and receiving answers is free, which makes the experience all that more engaging. Students can even search through the database of recently answered questions before asking their own question. covers various algebra and algebra-related topics such as:

  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Word problems

No matter how well teachers present subject matter in the classroom, students sometimes need help completing their homework or comprehending a difficult topic. By accessing this website and posing questions to a qualified math expert or tutor, students can replicate the classroom environment and resolve any gaps in their understanding.

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WebMath is an interactive and educational site that allows students to select the area they need help from various subject and grade levels. Students can select different topics from an extensive drop-down menu or use the guided tabs at the top of the page to navigate to the appropriate topic.

The many features of this website include:

  • Easy navigation to desired concepts
  • Step-by-step solutions
  • Definitions provided for each selected concept

This website is great for any math student as it holds a variety of lessons and problems from addition and rounding to more complicated topics such as trigonometric expressions and derivatives.

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Mathway allows users to solve math problems, including basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus and statistics.

Problems to be solved are entered into a resizable text box. Users can input special symbols and expressions. The “Show” button will display the problem in mathematical format and can then be edited.

Users can also select from a list of example problems to see problems that have already been entered by other visitors. Some of the examples include:

  • algebra concepts and expressions
  • points, lines and line segments
  • simplifying polynomials
  • factoring polynomials
  • linear equations
  • absolute value expressions and equations
  • radical expressions and equations
  • rational expressions and equations

A search feature helps users narrow the selections to find the desired equation.

The free account in Mathway will display the problem, answer and work. An upgraded account will allow users to see the step-by-step path to the solution.

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Cymath provides an easier and user-friendly way to get solutions to math problems from various grade levels. This website shows all of the answers in step-by-step formulas allowing students to click on the provided references if there is any confusion.

This interactive website was created not only to help with homework, but serves as a reference as well. Think of it as an alternative teacher for homework problems.

There are many aspects of this site that are very helpful to students who need a little extra help in math, too:

  • Free step-by-step solutions
  • Simple and fast answers
  • “Format as you type” functionality
  • Links directly to references from within the solution

This tool is also available through the iTunes App Store as well as Google Play for easy, on-the-go help.

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