3 Sites That Offer Online Art Appreciation Classes

3 Sites That Offer Online Art Appreciation Classes
The Editorial Team January 9, 2013

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A significant amount of data shows that art and music can greatly enhance a student’s academic performance, including in core subjects. Exposure to the arts can improve the understanding of math and reading, help behavioral issues, promote whole-brain resourcefulness and boost one’s creativity and problem-solving ability. From playing a musical instrument to listening to classical music while reading to painting and drawing as part of one’s regular curriculum, the arts hold tremendous value to students no matter what their primary focus. The arts engage the right brain and promote a balance for other left-brained subjects like math, science and physics.

One powerful way of connecting with the arts and reaping some of the benefits is through art appreciation. A student does not need an artistic talent or innate creative ability in order to be an appreciator of the arts; whether it’s through taking an art history class or a survey class of local art museums, art appreciation can activate some of the same healing and cognitive benefits as actual participation in the arts.

With the development of the Internet, art appreciation is easier than ever. It is now possible to take an art appreciation class online, either through your college or as an add-on. Whether you’re in a degree program or not, it’s easier than ever to take an art appreciation class online. Here are five such programs, and some of them are low-cost or even free.

1. Free online course on art appreciation basics

This is one of several free online art appreciation courses available, and it will help you gain an understanding of the basics. Course objectives include cultivating an ability to feel comfortable with your artistic opinion no matter what those in opposition might have to say. The benefits promoted include:

  • Tips on how to understand art
  • Enhanced knowledge of art history.
  • Descriptions of the various schools of art.

The course is free and the duration is 18 hours. Visit the site.

2. Free-Online-Art-Classes.com

Are you looking to try your hand at painting, drawing, printmaking, watercolors, Conte crayon drawing or fabric painting, but don’t know where to start? Check out Free-Online-Art-Classes.com. This site features online tutorials from an art teacher with more than 40 years of experience. Classes are presented in a simple, step-by-step format, and many of them include videos. What better way to appreciate art than by trying your hand at it? With this free site, it’s a no-risk endeavor. Visit the site.

3. ArtThink

ArtThink is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s art curriculum site, and it provides theme-based activities related to visual arts, art history, language arts and social studies. Students will explore and investigate the artists’ work, lives, and their historical context in a focused way. Students will also create during the class with hands-on, art-making projects, writing activities and also research projects. Tools and games will hone visual literacy and art vocabulary in a spirit of play. Activities may be completed before and/or after your museum visit. Visit the site.

If you’re considering taking an art appreciation class online, there is no shortage of options. You can refine your search by choosing a museum or school you feel a genuine connection with, and then take your online art appreciation class from the comfort of your home. Your other studies will only benefit from this, and you may just cultivate a love of the arts that will last a lifetime.

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