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Pre-K Home School Curriculum Examples

By The Editorial Team

New pre-K home-school curriculum examples are cropping up every day to suit the growing numbers of home-schooling families.

A pre-K home-school curriculum might focus on specific religious tenets or pedagogical approaches. Some curricula focus on arts, science or other disciplines. These examples of pre-K home-school curricula offer an idea of what’s available:

The Calvert Academy

The Calvert Academy Curriculum for pre-K students works hard to balance studies with play. It includes hands-on activities and manipulatives. This curriculum gets children ready to read by helping them to identify and build sequences and by strengthening their memory. To help build the student’s math skills, this curriculum focuses on the numbers one through 10 and includes some really great games.

Waldorf Curriculum

The Waldorf method has been in use for nearly 100 years. Developed by the German scholar Rudolph Steiner just after World War I, the Waldorf Curriculum Pre-K version is devoted to imaginative play, and it includes a great deal of storytelling and handwork. It teaches students to notice the natural rhythms of the seasons, and it promotes creative thinking and art rather than academic skills. Most Waldorf advocates claim that they are actually enhancing their children’s ability to be great scholars down the road by delaying their exposure to academic concepts while they are in pre-K and kindergarten.

Montessori Curriculum

The Montessori Method, developed by Maria Montessori in Italy, is non-proprietary, so you may find multiple Montessori curricula for pre-K student. The North American Montessori Center’s preschool and kindergarten curriculum can be purchased by individuals for use at home. The curriculum includes DVD presentations as well as tools that help to develop sensory skills through art and music enrichment.

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

ABC Mouse is a all-online curriculum for students in pre-K or kindergarten. Students can use this curriculum with the assistance of their parents or navigate it on their own. It includes over 2,000 activities that help students to hone their early reading, math and listening skills. Parents can create their own lessons, or they can allow their students to explore the offerings of the webpage. ABC Mouse keeps students interested by giving them tickets for finishing learning activities. Students can use these tickets to buy virtual items from the ABC mouse store.

Sonlight Curriculum

The Sonlight curriculum is one of the most popular homeschool curriculums. It is Christianity-based, but many nonreligious home-schoolers also use this curriculum. It begins on the pre-K level, and it extends through high school. Students who use Sonlight for their pre-K years will learn everything they need to build a solid foundation for the rest of their elementary education years. Parents who enjoy the Sonlight curriculum can use it for the rest of their children’s homeschool education.

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