Girls working on a STEAM project

The Benefits of Teaching STEAM Lessons

By The SHARE Team July 21, 2017

There’s been a big push for incorporating lessons and activities that use STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. But how exactly do these multilayered projects help students? Here are some of the specific ways in which students can benefit from STEAM in the classroom. Exposes students to the creative process When students engage in… Read More

3 Great Projects to Get Kids Excited About Summer Reading

By Kara Wyman, MEd June 6, 2017

Summer vacation is a much-needed break for staff and students, but encouraging students to continue to read over the break can help their minds stay mentally active. They will also be better prepared when school is back in session. Here are some activities that don’t take too much time but still promote summer reading and… Read More

Sometimes we think theater games belong only in drama classes, but finding ways to apply these activities to your subject area can increase engagement, creativity, and critical thinking. It’s also a great way to get students moving around, interacting with each other and having fun with your subject matter. Below are some theater games you… Read More

One challenge for teachers in all disciplines is working with a group that includes reluctant readers and writers along with gifted students. It is difficult to ensure that your curriculum appeals to students at all levels of differentiation and passion. Students at all writing levels benefit from learning to create graphic novels and comics Using… Read More

With an increase in English Language Arts standards focused on informational, exploratory, persuasive, or even narrative writing, students often do not get a significant amount of time for playful creative writing. In the early years, experimenting with ideas and creativity can help young writers develop a nimbleness with language that imbues their nonfiction work with… Read More

4 Fun Art and Craft Activities for Preschoolers

By The Editorial Team February 11, 2013

Art and craft activities allow preschoolers to apply creativity to the learning process. Art projects can incorporate math, science, shapes, numbers and colors, and many students enjoy the hands-on application of learning. Arts and crafts also allow students something tangible to bring home at the end of the day. Here are four fun art and… Read More

Art and Schools: Is Art Losing its Foothold in Elementary Schools?

By The Editorial Team January 31, 2013

Until recently, art and schools have gone hand and hand. Every class had access to arts education. At the very least, students could count on art class once a week as well as access to extracurricular activities such as a school band or drama club. However, the trend of the 21st century has been to… Read More

3 Sites That Offer Online Art Appreciation Classes

By The Editorial Team January 9, 2013

A significant amount of data shows that art and music can greatly enhance a student’s academic performance, including in core subjects. Exposure to the arts can improve the understanding of math and reading, help behavioral issues, promote whole-brain resourcefulness and boost one’s creativity and problem-solving ability. From playing a musical instrument to listening to classical… Read More

Blending Art and Reading Programs for K-5

By The Editorial Team October 29, 2012

Nearly every subject in school has an element of reading involved, even math and science, which makes reading one of the most important skills developed in elementary school. The ability to read well isn’t the only necessary component of good reading, though. Reading comprehension is even more essential. By blending art and reading programs in… Read More

Adding Art Appreciation to High School Social Studies

By The Editorial Team October 17, 2012

While math and science are fundamental for a good high school education, adding art appreciation to the curriculum can enhance every student’s educational performance. Budgets cause schools to cut certain classes Faced with strict budgets, many public high schools have cut back on teaching the arts. Band, music and drama classes, along with the study… Read More

Affordable Art Projects for Middle School Classrooms

By The Editorial Team October 12, 2012

Even in this digital age, it is important for teachers to help students develop an appreciation for art. In some cases, art helps to reach students who otherwise might be hard to motivate in a traditional manner.  Art also allows more academic students to explore their creative sides. Here are five art projects that teachers… Read More

Industrial Arts Teacher: Career Information for Educators

By Robbie Bruens October 4, 2012

The 21st-century economy depends on a diverse array of talents and occupations. The work of electricians, mechanics, carpenters, welders, and builders is essential to a functioning society. And it’s up to industrial arts teachers to equip their students with the know-how and hands-on skills to succeed in these crucial jobs. At-a-glance: Industrial arts teachers Industrial… Read More

Children’s museum educators develop and promote museum exhibitions that fire the imaginations of their young visitors. If you’re excited about creating and sharing imaginative educational content for kids, you should look into a career as a children’s museum educator. This guide is a concise overview of the job responsibilities, required education and likely salary of… Read More

Art Teacher: Job, Education, and Salary Information

By The Editorial Team August 16, 2012

Art teachers instruct, inspire and help students express themselves creatively. Through their art, people of all ages can not only explore their emotions, they can share them as well. They can also use art to explore their creativity and give free rein to their imaginations. As an art teacher, you will guide your students through… Read More