Group of students huddling outdoors

Finding a way to reach at-risk students who are struggling in various ways can be difficult, but social-emotional learning can open doors.  Copious research has shown that the impact of social-emotional learning (SEL) runs deep. SEL programs are shown to increase academic achievement and positive social interactions, and decrease negative outcomes later in life. SEL… Read More

It’s summer! You made it! Take a well-deserved break. Finally, there’s a little breathing room to catch up on all the amazing books and content out there. Here’s a great list of what to read, watch, and listen to this summer. Your summer reading list Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms: Designing and Implementing Child-Centered Learning Environments Suggested by… Read More

Teachers, Take the Lead!

By The SHARE Team June 5, 2018

If you’re ready to advance but not sure where to begin, here are some fun, rewarding ways to grow your leadership skills beyond the classroom — and supercharge your professional development. Join a Professional Learning Community (PLC) If your school already has a PLC in place, you should definitely take part. You’ll meet regularly with… Read More

When it comes to professional development (PD) for teachers, schools have begun to shift away from the traditional practice of standalone lectures by outside presenters. They are moving toward PD that is more job-embedded — relevant to teachers’ actual work environment and their specific grade levels. To help maximize your professional development and better serve… Read More

A Pantene ad recently gained attention for addressing unconscious discrimination in the workplace. Watching descriptors like “boss” turn to “bossy” and “persuasive” turn to “pushy” depending on whether a man or woman was onscreen provides food for thought. While most people do not intend to discriminate, these subtle differences in perception have a lasting influence… Read More