Boy learning to play cello in high school orchestra

Music classes give children a special outlet to explore their feelings and express themselves creatively. As a music teacher, you will guide your students through musical practice, giving them a chance to use musical instruments and their own voices and bodies to generate musical sounds, melodies and harmonies. Along the way, you may just instill… Read More

Early childhood arts-based learning is suffering at many schools. Despite recognizing the benefits of art instruction, teachers have less time for creativity and fun during class time. School budgets for visiting artists are tight as well. “Cutbacks appear to be nationwide and beyond. Canadian schools, for instance, are dealing with the same budgetary realities,” said… Read More

Advice for Teaching Poetry through Song Lyrics

By The Editorial Team March 14, 2013

Teaching poetry through song lyrics is a great way to get a class to pay attention to a sometimes tedious lesson. By breaking down and closely examining lyrics to contemporary songs, teachers can introduce students to the basic mechanics of writing poetry using sentences they already know. Many parts to poetry, like rhyme schemes and… Read More

3 Preschool Music Lesson Plan Ideas and Tips

By The SHARE Team February 12, 2013

Teachers who work with young children know the importance of finding preschool lesson plan ideas that work well within their classroom. They recognize that the preschool curriculum should be well-rounded and include lessons on the arts and humanities in addition to reading, math and science concepts. It is also important that music is a part… Read More

French novelist and poet Victor Hugo once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.” Many teachers today would likely agree with Hugo’s statement because they have seen how music can help create a caring community in the classroom and support academic instruction. A 1993 study in the science… Read More