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3 Preschool Music Lesson Plan Ideas and Tips

By The SHARE Team

Teachers who work with young children know the importance of finding preschool lesson plan ideas that work well within their classroom. They recognize that the preschool curriculum should be well-rounded and include lessons on the arts and humanities in addition to reading, math and science concepts. It is also important that music is a part of the curriculum structure in any preschool classroom, and these three lesson plan ideas will help any teacher bring the fun and joy of music into the preschool classroom. The following plans and tips are geared toward music and learning through music:

1. Focus lesson plans on a specific style of music

Design a special day that is centered around a certain style of music. For instance, teachers can introduce their preschool students, who are likely between the ages of 3 and 5, to the concept of country western music. There are plenty of preschool country songs available to download online that can be played in the classroom, many of them explaining a little bit about American Western history along the way.

In addition to playing fun musical western songs throughout the day, students can be encouraged to wear cowboy and cowgirl outfits to school that day. The music lesson plan can be incorporated into the theme by incorporating western art projects into the day’s activities at the same time. Students will enjoy learning the new songs and performing them for their parents, and the best part is, this lesson plan can be expanded to include other important subjects as well. It will help students understand that learning through music is a great way to understand new concepts while having fun.

2. Introduce instruments in the classroom

This is an activity that will teach students about the different instruments that are available, and will show them that each instrument makes a different noise. The teacher should spend time showing each instrument, explaining what it does and how to play it, and making the noise that it makes. The instruments can be passed around gently to the students so they can have some hands-on experiences with the instruments themselves.

After the different instruments have been shown to the students, the teacher can pass out an instrument to each student. At this point, the students can have fun playing their respective instrument. They will learn that when they play their instruments together, they can make beautiful music. The underlying theme of this lesson is that, if students work together as a team, they can make something better, brighter and more beautiful. One instrument might sound pretty on its own, but when it is combined with several other instruments, it makes a wonderful song. This also might spark interest in students, allowing them to choose an instrument and continue with lessons as they continue to grow and develop.

3. Play ‘freeze dance’

All preschool students need exercise, and they need to get their energy out in order to focus on their learning. One great way to do this while  teaching students about music is by playing the game, freeze dance. The teacher can play a particular type of music, for instance rock and roll or classical music, and the students need to dance to the rhythm. When the music stops, the students have to freeze in place. This is sure to produce a fit of giggles, but they will get to learn about the different genres of music, too.

While some preschool teachers will choose to create specific music lesson plans, others will decide that it works better for them to incorporate music into their other lessons for the day. No matter which option a teacher chooses, the students will benefit from the fun and stimulation that comes along with learning through music. It is a great way to reach preschool students, who are just starting to understand what it means to learn something new. By incorporating fun, stimulating and unique lesson plans into their curriculum, teachers will see that music can have a big impact on their overall results.

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