School Supplies

School supplies that teachers acquire for students

10 Supplies Teachers Can’t Live Without

By Ashley Previte April 23, 2020

The smell of a fresh new notebook. The satisfying glide of a new gel pen. You know you’re a school supply junkie. And it’s okay — we’re in the same boat. Here’s a list of the 10 ultimate supplies teachers should never live without! 1. Sticky notes — all colors shapes and sizes What can’t… Read More

Back to School 2019 Product Roundup

By The SHARE Team August 29, 2019

We’ve gathered the most amazing, adorable, and useful back-to-school classroom and organization finds on sale now. Happy shopping! Dry Erase Pockets Use these pockets for learning activities such as tracing letters and shapes, or any other activities in the classroom, without ruining your supplies. Wipeable and reusable, these pockets are perfect for dry erase writing.Price:… Read More

Proof that Teachers’ Donation Dreams Can Come True

By Nicole Mace, MEd September 25, 2018

Sometimes as teachers we feel alone when trying to find ways to give students everything they need and deserve. After all, we are but one passionate person to many young minds. While we all wish a lack of resources and supplies wasn’t an ongoing issue, we can at least ask for donations from parents and… Read More

Your Ultimate Classroom Prep Checklist for the New School Year

By The Editorial Team August 1, 2018

The new school year is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to get your classroom ready! Due to the pandemic, returning to the classroom will look different. Some teachers can work remote, but for those returning to the classroom this article is for you. Here’s a totally doable 6-step classroom checklist, and some awesome products to… Read More

Updated August 4, 2020 School supplies, classroom crafts, poster boards — all necessary items for a fun and educational school year. But costs can add up quickly, and teachers are already spending an average of $500 out of their own pocket for school supplies each year. We know you’re not required to spend your own… Read More

Finding Free or Low-Cost School Supplies for Your Class

By The SHARE Team August 16, 2016

Updated June 21, 2019 Getting the right supplies for the start of school isn’t just a challenge for parents and students, but increasingly for teachers, too. Teachers, especially those who work in underserved communities, must find ways to provide academic necessities like pencils, paper, and books for their students, often without funding from their school… Read More

What kids eat at school is getting a lot more scrutiny these days. Schools often (though not always) serve the cheapest, most heavily processed meals. Since the controversy about “pink slime” in the meat served in school lunches a few years ago, many parents have grown increasingly worried about school food quality. That’s the backdrop… Read More

OneNote App Can Boost Classroom Organization

By Rob Klindt August 6, 2014

For generations of K-12 students, a paper notebook or three-ring binder was a necessity for classroom organization. But thanks to technology, today’s students can cast aside paper organizers in favor of mobile apps that take classroom organization to a whole new level. Mobile organization apps let students combine lecture notes, study materials and classroom resources… Read More

With technology in the classroom on the rise, kids’ exposure to the internet is increasing dramatically. Technology in the classroom is definitely an effective learning tool, but it comes with lots of precautions.   That’s the entire premise of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Since 2000, this act has provided filtering guidelines for schools… Read More

Five Free Websites for Students to Build Research Skills

By The Editorial Team April 30, 2013

Finding free Web resources for building research skills is essential for teachers who are on a restricted budget. Teachers can use the Internet to access amazing research resources, thanks to the U.S. government. From finding lesson plans to scanning patent applications, teachers can uncover a wealth of information on history, art, science, language arts, math,… Read More

3 Sites that Offer Free Alphabet Printables for Preschoolers

By The SHARE Team February 26, 2013

School districts across the country are short on funding, so free alphabet printables for preschoolers can be a valuable addition to any teacher’s inventory. The preschool years are the ideal time for children to learn the basics, such as the shape and sound of letters in the alphabet. Posting colorful posters with each letter or… Read More

Where to Find Division Puzzle Worksheets

By The Editorial Team February 25, 2013

There are resources on the Internet that make available division puzzles worksheets, many of which are printable and free. Here is a list and details about some of these sites. Where applicable, we have linked to the area of the website that provides the division puzzle worksheets in the website description. This very well-designed… Read More

5 Ways for African-Americans to get Money for Grad School

By The Editorial Team February 17, 2013

College is expensive, and graduate school is even more so, since money for grad school is often in the form of loans. For many, the expense of additional student loans are worth the investment; but for those who cannot take on additional debt, there are loans and scholarships available to help make a graduate degree… Read More

Teachers: How to Find Cheap Books for Classrooms

By The Editorial Team February 15, 2013

Finding cheap books for classrooms can be a challenge. Sure, the school provides the standard texts, but if you want to introduce a new module, teach a new novel or stock a reading library in your classroom, you’ll usually have to find the necessary books and classroom material yourself. If you’re looking for affordable, quality… Read More

7 Free Materials for Your Social Studies Classroom

By The Editorial Team February 12, 2013

It’s tough to be an educator these days. School budgets are being slashed more than ever, and teachers struggle to get the materials they need in order to do their jobs. This can have long-term negative effects on student success and graduation rates, creating ripples throughout the nation’s economy. Like most educators, social studies teachers… Read More