Back to School 2019 Product Roundup

Back to School 2019 Product Roundup
The SHARE Team August 29, 2019

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We’ve gathered the most amazing, adorable, and useful back-to-school classroom and organization finds on sale now. Happy shopping!

Dry Erase Pockets

Use these pockets for learning activities such as tracing letters and shapes, or any other activities in the classroom, without ruining your supplies. Wipeable and reusable, these pockets are perfect for dry erase writing.
Price: 10 pack for $10.00 Buy Now 

Pencil Party Pack

Perfect for classroom prizes and incentives, these fun pencils will be highly coveted by your students! And you can’t beat the price!
Price: 48 pack for $2.50 Buy Now

Petals and Prickles Incentive Chart Set

Track student progress or goals throughout the year with these beautiful incentive charts. Each chart measures a generous 17″ x 22″ with 1/2″ squares — 40 rows and 24 columns. They also include fun, reproducible activities on the back of all of four charts.
Price: 4 pack for $12.99 Buy Now

Dry Erase Group Posters

Make grouping easy with these dry erase grouping charts for organizing reading, literacy, math, or word groups. Posters measure 10″ x 20″
Price: 1 set for $7.39 Buy Now

Fun Wood Pointers

Ditch the old wooden teacher pointers for these fun tools! Each pointer features a unique icon on the end to fit every classroom’s style. Each pointer is 12″ long.
Price: 8 pack for $8.00 Buy Now

Fun Design Pencils

Load up on these fun pencils for each holiday and for classroom use throughout the year. These are also perfect as prizes! 
Price: 10 pencils for $0.49 Buy Now

“I Need Help” Mini Flip Charts

Take formative assessment to the next level with these flip charts that have prompts to help you assess which students need help. Made of cardboard, each chart measures 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.
Price: 1 dozen for $12.59 Buy Now

Transparent Plastic Bins — Bullseye’s Playground™

A classroom staple, no teacher can have enough of these handy plastic bins. Target has them on sale in the Dollar Spot and they’re sold both individually or in a pack of 8. Dimensions: 8″ (L) x 13.25″ (W) x 5″ (H)
Price: 8 pack for $24.00. Also available individually. Buy Now

Self-Inking Teacher Stamps

Cut down your grading time with these feedback stamps featuring encouraging words in bright colors and designs. Each stamp makes 30,000+ impressions. 
Price: 8 stamps for $25.79 Buy Now

Lexington 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Store classroom supplies and move them easily around the classroom with this adorable card. Available in several colors, they’re the perfect classroom storage solution. Measures: 16.81″ x 13.98″ x 29.9″
Price: Sale $29.99 (Reg. $59.99) Available in various colors. Buy Now

Giant Classroom Timer

Keep track of student work time with this large and magnetic digital timer that lets you view the time from anywhere in the room. Adjust the volume and quickly start and stop the timer with easy-to-use buttons. Timer measures 3 3/4″ x 7 3/4″
Price: $39.99 Buy Now

Hall Pass Lanyards

Give students a sense of responsibility with these clear and specific hall passes. Each handy lanyard pass features 28″ polyester straps with 3″ plastic tags. The set includes 6 lanyards (a hall, library, office, nurse, and 2 restroom passes).
Price: 1 set for $7.39 Buy Now

Bumpy Pencil Grips

Perfect for young or reluctant writers, these pencil grips ease hand fatigue while writing. At this price, you can bulk up for the whole year.
Price: 48 pieces for $6.19  Buy Now

Confetti Glitter Classroom Posters

Bring some fun and inspiration to your classroom or school hallways with these bright and modern posters. Each poster is made of cardstock and the set includes 6 poster designs measuring 22″ x 17″ each.
Price: Set of 6 posters $8.89  Buy Now

Write & Wipe Answer Boards

Make learning interactive and fun with these handy boards giving kids a fun way to reveal their answers — without shouting! The answer boards feature dry-erase surfaces on both sides and feature handles for displaying responses.
Price: 10 boards in 2 colors for $49.99  Buy Now

Custom Teacher Stamp

Personalize your grading and feedback with these custom stamps. This stamp will prevent you from having to repeat yourself over and again as you grade! Various message and ink options are available.
Price: $20.24  Buy Now

Classroom Answer Buzzers

Use these game show-style buzzers to make learning exciting! A perfect tool for quieter students or to gamify learning, each buzzer has a distinct, attention-getting sound so teachers know who buzzed in first.
Price: 4 buzzers for $12.79  Buy Now

Thermal Laminator

Say goodbye to depending on the school’s community laminator! Get your own! Compatible with letter-size, legal-size, business card-size, and photo-size papers.
Price: $23.99. Laminating sheets sold separately.  Buy Now

Bulk Reward Stickers & Incentive Stickers

Get set for the year with this enormous set of stickers to motivate your students on assignments and to use as prizes.
Price: 4,960 stickers for $9.99  Buy Now

Teacher Door Decals

Personalize your classroom door with these awesome and removable door decals. Available in matte black or white, these will not damage your doors when you need to remove them. Each decal features your name and a chosen quote.
Price: $9.00 – $31.50 Buy Now

Punch Cards

Teachers can use these colorful punch cards as motivation for students to earn different classroom incentives. Customizable for your classroom’s needs, they’re a fun and modern reward system for students.
Price: 50 cards for $8.99  Buy Now

Load Up on the Basics

PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Keep those little hands clean and stop the spread of germs in your classroom with this mega bottle of Purell.
Price: 1 liter for $7.84  Buy Now

BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pens

Never run out of pens this year after loading up on this yearly deal.
Price: 60 pens for $5.00 Buy Now

College-Ruled Filler Paper

“Miss, do you have a piece of paper I can borrow?” Stay in stock with this bulk deal.
Price: 120 sheets for $0.99  Buy Now

Composition Notebooks

Make sure every student has a writing notebook this year with this deal.
Price: 1 each for $0.75  Buy Now

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