Mindfulness Printables for Virtual Learning Success

Mindfulness Printables for Virtual Learning Success
The Editorial Team December 4, 2020

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Although the recent news surrounding Coronavirus vaccines is promising, many cities are continuing to prioritize the safety of students and educators by keeping classes remote. Adapting to this completely different style of learning is difficult for everyone involved, including parents and caregivers. 

Practicing mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress and increase focus, something we could all use a little more of right now. It’s never too late (or too early) to begin thinking about these practices and how they can help improve online learning. 

To help students, teachers, and parents succeed with virtual learning, JobHero has provided us with a number of helpful mindfulness printables and worksheets below.

1. If (This), Then (That) Cards

IF This, Then That worksheet

Creating if (this), then (that) cards is a simple yet effective way to remind yourself of your mindfulness practices and goals. These notes help you to stay present and avoid getting pulled back into bad habits. The rules can be as simple as “if my Zoom isn’t working, then I take a deep breath” or as complex as “if my child is having trouble focusing, then I will sit with them for the duration of the lesson.”

  • Best for: Educators and caregivers

Download If (This), Then (That) Cards

2. Countdown From Five

5-4-3-2-1 countdown from five worksheet

2020 has been an extremely stressful year for everyone. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, try to ground yourself in mindfulness by practicing the 5-4-3-2-1 Method. This is a simple, easy exercise that anyone can do, and could even make a great homework assignment for younger students. We’ve outlined the steps below:

  • 5 Things You Can See – Take a look around and write down five things you see. These can be people, objects, colors, or anything else you observe.
  • 4 Things You Can Touch – Without moving from where you are, touch four objects around you and write down what they feel like.
  • 3 Things You Can Hear – Close your eyes and take a deep breath. What three sounds can you hear? The hum of the fridge, your neighbor talking, the breathing of another person?
  • 2 Things You Can Smell – Again, close your eyes and concentrate on what you can smell. Maybe it’s the scent from your pencil eraser or your shampoo from a morning shower.
  • 1 Thing You Can Taste – Can you taste anything at the moment? Maybe mint from a stick of gum or the taste of chocolate milk from breakfast?

You can see how taking just a few minutes to answer these questions takes you away from what you were previously thinking about and grounds you in the moment.

  • Best for: Caregivers, educators, and students of any age (younger kids may need assistance writing)

Download Countdown From Five Method

3. Mindful Coloring Pages

Mindful Coloring pages worksheet

Taking breaks during the school day is essential, especially with so much time spent staring at a computer screen. And the good news is that coloring pages are not just for kids! In fact, studies have shown that adult coloring can relax your brain. This coloring page is perfect for a short break in between lessons, or a longer session to indulge in some creative activity.

  • Best for: Educators and older students

Download Mindful Coloring Page

We hope these printables help students, educators, and caretakers engaging in virtual learning to take a few minutes of their days to focus on mindfulness, leading to a more productive and stress-free 2021.

Download All Printables

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