4 Downloadable High School Geometry Practice Worksheets

4 Downloadable High School Geometry Practice Worksheets
The SHARE Team February 26, 2013

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For educators in search of high school geometry practice worksheets, the Internet an invaluable tool. However searching for some of the best websites can be daunting. Here we have compiled a list of four websites that provide downloadable high school geometry practice worksheets. We have linked to the exact page for these practice worksheets within the website so you can better locate your area of interest.

These sites generally provide a wealth of other materials for math teachers and are certainly worth reviewing.


Teaching Tools offers a nice detailed, yet easy to use geometry worksheet generator that allows teachers to create worksheets most applicable to them.

Teachers start by deciding whether they want to create a worksheet of a list of definitions from a substantial list of geometric terms. When creating worksheets, teachers can select what shapes they would like the worksheet to address. Teachers may choose from circles and squares to more advanced shapes such as Quadrilaterals or trapezoids. Once the shape or shapes are selected, a heading is chosen and the worksheet is created. Any or all of the geometry shapes and terms may be chosen to create a custom high school geometric practice worksheet.

Teaching Tools is a subscription-based website with an annual membership of under $20. Visit the site.


Fun Maths has a variety of geometry worksheets for students in grades 9 through 12. Areas these worksheets cover include:

  • Shapes
  • Rational and line symmetry
  • Introduction to Orthographic Projection
  • Angles and line segments
  • Course Syllabus for Informal Geometry
  • Angles test
  • Properties and Conjectures of Trapezoids

Teachers are welcome to copy these worksheets free for classroom use. Visit the site.


Downloadable geometry practice worksheets are easy to find and access at Math-Drills. The worksheets are categorized as follows:

  • General use printable
  • Angle geometry worksheets
  • Coordinate point geometry
  • Translations worksheets
  • Reflections worksheets
  • Rotations worksheets
  • Dilations worksheets
  • Mixed transformations worksheets
  • Three-dimensional geometry worksheets

The website even provides some insight into the worksheets before you take the step of downloading them which makes this site particularly user-friendly. There are lots of choices with Math Drills. Visit the site.


The name says it all, and for geometry teachers the site is a potential goldmine. The site offers tips and tricks for geometry teachers, a poll, math quotes and a massive amount of free downloadable geometry worksheets. Among the resources available at this website are:

  • The “Basics” worksheets
  • Perimeter area and volume worksheets
  • Triangle theorem worksheets
  • Logic worksheets
  • Trigonometry worksheet
  • Circle worksheets
  • Pythagorean worksheets
  • Angle relationship worksheets
  • Similarity and congruency worksheets
  • Proofs worksheets
  • Polygons worksheets

If you want their step-by-step solutions to the problems on the worksheets there is a small fee. Visit the site.

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