4 Prompts To Get Middle School Kids Writing

4 Prompts To Get Middle School Kids Writing
The Editorial Team January 3, 2013

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Writing and reading is something children must do throughout their lifetime. If you give children an open door to things they enjoy writing about, writing will become enjoyable for them. Examples might include what they want for their birthday or what they did on their summer vacation. These are the topics that prompt middle school aged children to write.

Writing prompts that help middle school children want to write

  • Describe somewhere that you feel safe. Is it a place where you feel protected and loved? Are there people with you that you trust and care about? Who are these people? Where is this place? What does the room that you are in look like? What are you wearing and how do you feel when you are in this special and safe place?
  • If you could have your living room look any way that you wanted, what would it look like? Are the ceilings very high or very low? Does your room have carpeting or a wood floor? Is your room very big with lots of furniture in it? How do you feel when you are in this room? Do you feel happy, safe, excited?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go? Is it a faraway place or right around the corner? What kinds of things can you do there? How do you feel when you are there? Who is with you or are you alone? Does this place make you happy?
  • If you could be anyone in the world who would you be? Would you be famous for your art or how well you can jump a rope? Would you be tall or short? Would your hair be the color that it already is or would it be different? Would you be successful and live in a mansion or would you live in a log cabin down by the stream? Who would you be?

More ideas

For additional ideas on what prompts middle school aged children to write, sit down and think of the things that make children excited to talk about when they are around 12 years old. Write them down and use them when you need ideas for middle school aged children writing assignments.

Writing, literacy and reading are not just something that children need to grow academically and to become successful. Writing can be therapeutic and provide an emotional outlet and a means of expressing ourselves in a constructive way.

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