Tips for Teachers and Classroom Resources Updated March 3, 2020

Apple Discounts For Teachers: What You Need To Know

By The SHARE Team

Do you need a new MacBook for work, but you absolutely dread thinking about the cost? What if you could get a discount for being an educator? Apple is there to help.

Technology in the classroom is more important than ever. Most students in school now don’t remember a time without the Internet, and it affects the way they learn. More schools are incorporating different technologies into their classrooms. Apple is capitalizing on the education market for this exact reason and offering a number of discounts for students, schools, and employees.

Take a closer look at how teachers and students are saving on different Apple products, and where you can go to look at discounted prices.

Discounts and eligibility

  • Anyone who works in an education environment — administration and other staff members — are eligible for Apple discounts for particular products. It’s not just limited to teachers, students, and lecturers.
  • Have some form of identification ready — like a school ID — that proves you’re an educator. When buying online, you will select your school from a drop-down menu that will be displayed when you type in your zip code. In stores, it’s best to have your school ID.

Discount availability and limits

    • The Apple Education website has pricing information for MacBooks, iPads, and accessories. There are also trade-in options for certain products.
    • There is no specific discount percentage — it varies by product.

Apple makes it easy to make volume purchases for both K-12 and higher education. Is your school looking for computers, iPads, or other accessories? Do they want to upgrade their software? Apple has tons of options to help your school and district save money. You can find more information about that on the Apple Store for Education Institutions.

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