Geometry Pro helps students solve challenges like the area of a circule
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‘Geometry Pro’ App Helps Students Master the Basics

By Rob Klindt

Knowing how to calculate volume, area and perimeters isn’t just reserved for mathematicians, physicists and engineers. It’s an important skill that workers use every day in dozens of professions including carpenters, surveyors, landscapers, painters and architects.

And it all starts with simple geometry.

Geometry has been a part of most middle and high school math classes for generations. Tools like protractors, compasses, rulers and graph paper are a mainstay in many classrooms where students use them to solve geometry problems.

Geometry Pro helps students solve challenges like the area of a circuleNow, technology is helping students learn geometry in the classroom and on the go by using mobile apps developed for smartphones and digital tablets.

Among the dozens of geometry apps around, “Geometry Pro” is one of the easiest for students to download and use. It doesn’t have a fancy or colorful interface with splashy graphics and sound effects. Instead, it focuses on bare-bones geometry facts, formulas, concepts and exercises. And it explains them in a clear and simple way for students to understand.

Getting started

The app navigation is simple and straightforward. Students start by scrolling through a list of topics and tapping the one they want to study.

Among the main topics covered:

  • Circles
  • Perimeter, area and volume
  • Points and lines
  • Regular polygons
  • Triangles

Each topic contains subtopics that include geometry formulas and detailed summaries that explain the concepts behind the formulas and how to solve them. There are also interactive exercises where students can input numbers to calculate geometry problems.

A convenient study tool

The “Geometry Pro” app is a convenient study tool that teachers can use to supplement classroom lesson plans and allow students to study the material at their own pace.

Many geometry courses taught at public schools are aligned with the science and mathematics portion of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Most U.S. states and the District of Columbia have adopted the CCSS initiative, which establishes shared K-12 English language arts and mathematics educational standards. Common Core aims to ensure that graduating high school students meet baseline academic expectations, regardless of whether they attend college or enter the workforce.

Developer answers questions

The “Geometry Pro” app was developed by Larry Feldman, a teacher with an extensive background in applied mathematics.

Feldman answers math and geometry questions from students and teachers for free on his “Larry Feldman Tutoring Services” page on Facebook. Visit the page. (Facebook registration is required to post questions.)

Download details

The “Geometry Pro” app costs 99 cents. It can be downloaded through Google Play, Amazon Appstore and iTunes. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system 2.2 or later. Apple users can play the app on iPhone and iPad tablets running iOS version 6.0 or later.

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