How to Utilize iPads in the Classroom

How to Utilize iPads in the Classroom
The Editorial Team October 6, 2012

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While iPads are an expensive educational tool, the way they can revolutionize learning in the classroom may make them worth the price. With iPads in the classroom, teachers have the opportunity to engage students, including reluctant learners and students who do not learn in traditional ways. However, using iPads in the classroom can also be overwhelming. Teachers must choose the best ways to incorporate iPads into their lesson plans and classrooms in order to maximize their effectiveness for students.

Use iPads to Replace Textbooks

Say goodbye to heavy backpacks and expensive textbooks. With iPads, teachers can incorporate eBooks and other digital texts in their classrooms. With a wealth of free and inexpensive eBooks available, teachers can provide students with a wider selection of reading material. Supplement classroom materials with articles from newspaper and magazines, listen to podcasts or watch documentaries.

Use iPads to Take Notes

Instead of using pen and paper, students can use the iPad to take notes. Whether or not students are using the simple notepad feature or an app designed specifically for note taking, they are able to take thorough notes in whatever style they prefer. They can also take non-traditional notes, using drawing applications to draw pictures that represent important concepts or recording lectures, experiments and activities with the audio and video recording applications.

Use iPads to Conduct Research

If a teacher does not have an answer to a question or students want to explore a topic further, they can conduct research using the iPad. Through the iPad, students have access to informational apps, online databases and the knowledge of the entire Internet. They can take notes directly on the iPad as they find information and bookmark or take screenshots of their sources.

Use iPads to Increase Student Participation

Multiple apps for the iPad are designed to increase student participation. Teachers can create surveys and digitally send them to students who respond on their iPads. Students can collaborate on documents and presentations together or participate in discussions. Apps are also available to help teachers decide which students to call on and track student participation.

Students will also be more motivated to participate in class with iPads in the classroom. The wealth of apps and information available through the iPad allow teachers to reach students with multiple learning styles at once. Podcasts can appeal to auditory learners, while visual learners may choose to search for pictures and graphs to help them learn. Kinesthetic learners also benefit from iPads as they use their fingers to tap, swipe and pinch their way to new information.

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